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message 1: by Theo (new)

Theo (hughes555) | 18 comments What do you think about Obsessed?

message 2: by Shadowrider (new)

Shadowrider | 7 comments I loved the book. It is difinitely a page turner. As I was reading this I couldn't help but think how much God is "Obsessed" with us and how much we should be with him.

message 3: by Theo (new)

Theo (hughes555) | 18 comments I agree. I also like how it was different from all of Ted's other books. It crazy how he can write a story that doesnt look or read like a "christian" book but still get that point across.

message 4: by Tobias (new)

Tobias Taylor (tobstaylor) | 26 comments yh. I just finished it. I thought it started off quite slow but I really got into it. I like the way, in Obsessed and Sinner, there are random main characters. Like Katrina Kivi in Sinner and Sweeney and Melissa in Obsessed.

message 5: by Tobias (new)

Tobias Taylor (tobstaylor) | 26 comments You gotta say though it was an Amazing book.

message 6: by Theo (new)

Theo (hughes555) | 18 comments yes it is a amazing book.

message 7: by Christine (new)

Christine (missfitz496) | 12 comments i liked how this one had a lot of history in it. dekker is most well known for his fantasy, but he handles historical fiction brilliantly as well.

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