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message 1: by Christa (new)

Christa (cdcruzin) | 4 comments Well I'm gearing up to read Return of the Crimson Guard so that I can finally read Toll the Hounds. I was told it's a good idea to read them in this order. Wow what a great series!

message 2: by Jarl Erik (new)

Jarl Erik (jarlerik) | 7 comments Hi,
I actually have never read his books. When I was on holiday in Sweden last year, I was spellbound by "Toll the Hounds" cover - and so I bought it :P
I couldn't see which number in the series the book was, so I figured it was the first one :P Though I was sadly mistaken :/ Can you recommend the books in order for me? :)

message 3: by Christa (new)

Christa (cdcruzin) | 4 comments Steven Erikson wrote this series in collaboration with Ian C Esslemont. Erikson however has written the bulk of the series. The widely accepted order is Gardens of the Moon, Deadhouse Gates, Memories of Ice, House of Chains, Midnight Tides, The Bonehunters, Reapers Gale, Toll the Hounds, Dust of Dreams and The Crippled God. As I made reference to above, I am about to read The Crimson Guard by Esslemont which by chronology should be read before Toll the Hounds but does not have to be. Esslemont's stories are like add ins. Esslemont also wrote Night of Knives which should be read first as it deals with the fall of Kellanved and Dancer. Confusing I know but if you enjoyed TTH then I would recommend starting with Gardens of the Moon then adding in Esslemonts stories for an added bonus. Hope this helps.

message 4: by Jarl Erik (new)

Jarl Erik (jarlerik) | 7 comments But I haven't read "Toll the Hounds" as I knew it wasn't the first book. But if I understand you correctly, I can read this book independently?

message 5: by Christa (new)

Christa (cdcruzin) | 4 comments I wouldn't recommend it. The books written by Erikson should be read in the recommended order. There is a time line in the series. Esslemont's books however can be read at any point as they are add in stories but follow the same time line. However, all the books have their own storyline with references and tie ins to past books. So yes if you wanted to read it independently you could but it would definitely not be as enjoyable.

message 6: by Jarl Erik (new)

Jarl Erik (jarlerik) | 7 comments Ah, ok. But when you refer to a "Chronological order", would that be the one you mentioned in Message 3? If so, I have many new books to buy :/ And as it is, Im going to College (Im from Norway - but it's more or less the same thing) and have to use what little money I have wisely. So in the future, I must survive with whatever I have in my posession unread :/

message 7: by Nicoline (new)

Nicoline | 4 comments Mod
Jarl wrote: "Ah, ok. But when you refer to a "Chronological order", would that be the one you mentioned in Message 3? If so, I have many new books to buy :/ And as it is, Im going to College (Im from Norway - b..."

Well there's always the library! I hardly buy any books anymore, both because it would cost me a fortune and because I rarely read the same book twice. I live in Norway as well, and I can tell you that at least the library in Tønsberg has the full serie available ^^

message 8: by Jarl Erik (new)

Jarl Erik (jarlerik) | 7 comments I live in Kopervik (a little town near Haugesund in Rogaland ^^), and our library sucks :/ The fantasy section (which is like "my" genre) and SF have the same wall, and it's really small! so there is really little variety, mostly Tolkien and Jordan...I hope that when I move to Bergen, the library will have much more to offer :) Do you know anything about that? ^^

message 9: by Jarl Erik (new)

Jarl Erik (jarlerik) | 7 comments And, even though Im not exactly rich, I like to own my books ^^ I can't help it, but when I read a good book, I always buy it. And often, when I see an awesome looking cover (like the incedent with "Toll The Hounds" :P) I have to buy the book - and if I like it I'll buy the rest of the series :P(a)

message 10: by Nicoline (last edited Jul 01, 2009 09:40AM) (new)

Nicoline | 4 comments Mod
I don't know what I'd do without a proper library o.o' Fantasy is my shelf too, luckily it's relatively well represented at my library. I was on the waiting list for Assassin's Quest and got an e-mail that it had been lost, but if I really wanted it they could borrow it from another library :D Maybe "fjernlån" is possible in your library as well? I'd like to buy the books I read too, but my economy just doesn't allow it ;_ ; All the books I own are from my childhood years, haha ^^

I'm afraid I've never been to the library in Bergen, but I assume it's a big one ;)

message 11: by Jarl Erik (new)

Jarl Erik (jarlerik) | 7 comments You are a lucky girl ^^ My library couldn't care less it seems :/...
And I doubt "fjernlån" will be a possible.
1. Because there isn't a large library around.
2. Because they are square-headed morons :/
My economy doesn't really allow for any book shopping, but I do it nonetheless :D(a)
I hope the library in my future home is vast, and considers fantasy a serious genre!
I can't remember if it's the same in other cities, I just have to mention it. Have you seen that in shops like "Libris" and "Norli" the fantasy books are placed on the shelves under the sign "12+"? :O

message 12: by Nicoline (new)

Nicoline | 4 comments Mod
Well you could try it anyway :3 My experience with librarians is that they're generally helpful, but perhaps I'm just spoiled with the ones here in Tønsberg:P

So I've noticed! : o Either that, or "Ungdom". It annoys me that fantasy is dubbed "eventyr for voksne" pretty much by anyone (who's not into fantasy themselves). There's no respect for the genre. I had a discussion with someone who honestly meant that those who read fantasy had had some "lacks" in life that they sought to replace o.o' Or that they had a need to distance themselves from the real world. I mean, fantasy is an art! C'mon, it's without doubt the best genre there is! And all the respect it gets is a small shelf under the sign "12+" crammed next to the children's books -.-' Outland ftw <3

message 13: by Jarl Erik (new)

Jarl Erik (jarlerik) | 7 comments haha, I might stoop to that level, but Im not that desperate yet! ;P

So you have, eh? :/ Well, I don't know, by saying "it's the best genre!" we are more or less as bad as they are...It's the same with music taste. When Im out drinking with my friends, I would like to hear one lousy metal song - instead of this computer made techno bullshit! :'(...Alas, that is the way of the world. I've been going out for ages, and I have, as of yet, never heard one of "my" tracks played from beginning till end...
As to comment your discussion with this person, he got it right at some point. I've wanted to live in a "fantasy"-book world ever since I can remember. It is at some point related to escapeism (for me at least :P) - BUT, I certainly do not LACK anything (whatever that means...). I had a discussion with one of my friends (he's one of those people that say things that SOUND smart and intellectual - but really is a load of bull), and guess what he claimed. He claimed that on line with other genres, fantasy wasn't even a real genre :S...He just told him: "Dude, you're a fucking retard! Shut the fuck up before I bust your face!" It was all in good humor though, don't misunderstand! :P But I can't just sit by and listen to such bullshit, you know?

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