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Gerard Butler's hotter, but Michael Crawford sings better. Plus he has an epic laugh at the end of All I Ask of You.

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Hanzleberry (doughboyissweet) I totally agree with what Clara said.

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» Is Michael Crawford in the musical?

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Gerard Butler= HAWTY

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Hanzleberry (doughboyissweet) Totally. :]

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Did yall know that the deformity on his face was real? He made enough money off POTO to get it fixed.

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dead serious look up Gerard Butler interviews on YouTube. It's the one with a Japanese interviewer and Emmy Rossum is also bein interviewd at the same time.

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Why are you feeling sorry for

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eap!!! i just rewatched the movie!!!!!!! mwahahahahahahahha!!!!!!!!!

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licky duck

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lol... i just snuck upstairs w/ the laptop, since on most nights ppl completely ignore me, but, my dad just REMEMBERED that i was i the house right when he realized the dishes to be done... and im telling you, he has GREAT timing, he started screaming my name right when the chandeleir came down! ):

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aw man... that's like the best part!!!!!

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ikr? yeah... i got pretty ticked...

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I would be so ticked if that were me. But I guess that's why they invented the 'pause' button.

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lol, yeah...

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its ok...

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