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S2, E3 - "Scratches"

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message 1: by Cassie (new)

Cassie (cassiealwaysreads) Has anyone else watched this episode? I am getting more into Jessica's character than I originally was but she's still kind of iffy in my book ... especially with this thing with Hoyt? I see this going in a bad direction.

Also, I don't like the Jason + Fellowship combo that they've got going on. I guess my big thing with that is that Jason never played too big of a part in a lot of the books, and now suddenly he's more important than he was. I just have to get used to it, I think. Plus I can see that his association with the Fellowship is going to create a serious conflict of interest.

Okay, I'll stop babbling... thoughts, anyone?

message 2: by Lynsay (new)

Lynsay Tervit (lynsaytea) | 24 comments Mod

Hoyt is the cutest man in the world, and i really like him and Jessica together - if she can control herself that is!!

actually found the Sookie/Bill stuff a bit dull last night, i was more interested in what was happening with Hoyt, Jessica, Jason and Sam. Hopefully the storylines will pick up though!

I quite like the Jason stuff, but i hope they don't drag it out too long, quite interested in how they will take it!

Intrigued by Daphne, i thought the point of Sookie's attack was to show that no one would survive? I heard she was meant to be a love interest for Sam, but i dont know if thats still the case?

Are people starting to like Jessica more then?

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