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So I took my kids to see Spiderwick Chronicles last night and we all really enjoyed it. Though none of us have read the books YET, so I have no idea how faithful it was to the books. As many of the film critic reviews are saying one of the strong points is that the film treats are heroes as young adults and not big kids. These kids are smart, brave, and adventurous. They're not just observers to the story and action, they actually interact with whats going on around them. Its not overly cutesy or forced slapstick funny like a lot of kids film these days, there aren't any fart jokes or other bathroom humor thrown in simply because kids laugh that stuff funny or not. I'm a big fan of Tony DiTerlizzi's art and it was really cool to see some of his creations come to life on screen.

I'm interested to hear the opinions of others, especially those who have read the books. Post away folks...

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Amy (edinlink) I've read and own all five Spiderwicks, plus the Field Guide. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and thought that Charlie Highmore was a great pick for lead role. The brother-sister interplay worked well, too. If you like Spiderwick, you might like the Beyond Spiderwick series, set in Tony's home state of Florida.

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Speaking of books to movies I've started a brand new group on goodreads for those who want to discuss all of the Children and Teen books that have been made or are currently being made into feature films.

Check it out:

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