Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan

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LungHuo* 龍火 * | 39 comments that's the mostr disgusting and dumbest anime I've ever seen ><

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It's kinda funny so far, but I haven't seen much of it, so I don't know...

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 39 comments i watched all of it and it's sensless ><

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Kiku  Honda | 931 comments Mod
i like that^^

plus you should not say that because life is sensless(duh)

Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) Wow... I watched a short intro and it was freaky 0.0

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I got to the 2nd season, I like it... It's funny, but now it doesn't make sense anymore... Or, at least, it makes less sense...

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Kiku  Honda | 931 comments Mod
well life is sensless

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Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) makes me wonder why an ANGEL beats the head off of a kid regularly...

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:P That's not exatly what I mean, though. I mean that it isn't a continuation of the first season, it's a different story. The characters act different, and the plot is different... The only thing that stayed the same is the main character dying every five minutes. XD

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Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) ... that still freaks me out... Im going to try watching an episode, not just the first 2 minutes...

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It's funny... Watch more of it. Sometimes Dokuro-Chan seems like a moron, but still...

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Kiku  Honda | 931 comments Mod
is it perverted?And is it a shojo or shonen?

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Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) GOSH!!! IT'S DISTURBING!

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Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) just like the faces the guy makes when the angel kills him every 2 minutes...

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L (the greatest detective in the world) wrote: "is it perverted?And is it a shojo or shonen?"

Surprisingly, it's Shounen. And it's kinda perverted, since the main character is supposed to grow up and turn the world into a pedophile's world or something, which is why the angels have to stop him... And for many other reasons...

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Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) how old is this one?

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Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) My attentiveness to everything that isn't the creepy Angel and dying main character made me notice that Kim Jong Il and Michael Jackson (the older michael Jackson) were in the tv screen... Makes me think it's not too old.

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I think season two came out in 2007...

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Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) so yeah then...'s 2009 isn't it... then it's older than I thought.

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Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) Here I am, still under the impression it's 2008... -.-'

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Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) lol! ya!
[image error]
click if ya can't see!

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Kiku  Honda | 931 comments Mod

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EPIC FAIL! Just like poor Sakura... He has a girl's name, he has Dokuro-Chan killing him every five minutes...

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Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) I know... that had to suck... and be painful... O.e

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Kiku  Honda | 931 comments Mod
sooooooooooooooooooo he comes alive again every times he dies?

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Yeah... And in the end, when he had a chance, he didn't give it up, he wanted her to stay. O_O

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Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) yes... because of a big bunch of words and a spikey club... and a violent angel... I just thought of something... don't you think you'd be angry if your cause of death was *ahem* beaten to death by a cute little girl with a HUGE club'

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Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) that would suck like William Shatner's 'Rocketman'

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It was weird when she didn't finish the spell, so Sakura turned into some weird guy, because Dokuro fell asleep...

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Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee)

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Don't see this every day...

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Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) lol, ya! XD

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Also, what happens when you take off the halo... O_O

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Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) would she be even MORE violent?! that's a scary thought...

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Kiku  Honda | 931 comments Mod
that makes no sence

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No... You haven't seen that part yet? It shows what happens.

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Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) ...Now I have to look it up! gah! *mentally preparing*

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Kiku  Honda | 931 comments Mod
well, im toooooooooooooooo lazy to


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Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) *burst out laughing* Omigosh! I thought she was gonna die when it got taken off!!! XD XD XD XD That's hilarious!

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Yeah... I thought she would become human or something like that...

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Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) TOTALLY unexpected XD!!!

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Yup!! XD

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Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) the show still kinda creeps me out... but now i must watch it... darn hilarity...

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Yeah, it's soo funny... I have two (technically one) episode left in season 2, then it's over...

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Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) awws! Sorry... Dokuro is REALLY jumpy.
Dokuro: lalala
*tiny noise*
Dokuro: KAIIIII!!!*smashes the head off of Sakura*

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