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An Old Fashioned Girl

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message 1: by AngieA (new)

AngieA (angelwings55) | 9 comments Has anyone finished this one lately and what did you think? Let's discuss the characters and the outcomes. I really liked Tom at first but, like Polly, was disappointed in how he changed. When did you think Polly first developed feelings for him?

message 2: by Lydia (new)

Lydia Hey! Just found this group =)

It's been a while since I last read An Old Fashioned Girl, but it's one of my favorites. I definitely liked Tom at first, but then I was puzzled and frustrated when he became engaged to Trixie. What on earth was he thinking? If I remember right, she made him feel sorry for her? Do you remember the exact details?

message 3: by Nomisha (new)

Nomisha | 2 comments Yes she did make him feel sorry for her, because her previous engagement had ended (the guy had left her).

I felt this book was a little too didactic - usually Alcott conveys good morals without becoming overly preachy, but this book was a little dry for me.

Nevertheless, I liked An Old Fashioned Girl (such a cute title!). Polly was a lovely character. The treatment of her as a working girl and the portrayal of her lower social status was definitely refreshing and unique :)

message 4: by Maddie (new)

Maddie Crawford | 3 comments Hello!
I really loved old fashioned girl! And I thought that Tom was awesome, I always laughed at his antics and his boyish ideas. Tom and Polly are perfect foils for each other. Polly with her soft hearted sweetness and her shy, yet steady ways.
Tom with his wild, impulsive moody attitude.

I was so glad they got together at the end!!!!

message 5: by Trix (new)

Trix Wilkins (marchandlaurence) | 10 comments I loved the fact that Tom pulled up his boots and worked hard and grew up, and was a support to his father in the end (I liked the character of old Mr Shaw too, who is humble and always concerned about caring for his family). Satisfying that Tom got Polly in the end, but I always felt sorry for Arthur Sydney, because it would have totally made sense for Polly to like him being of such solid character the whole time. A bit of competition for Tom sort of tension. The match with Fanny was a bit quick I felt...

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