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the time traveler's wife. lets talk about it

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Hodan ( Jama (hothanjama_) ok so this is my fav book of all time, i read it two times and am dying to see the movie but i have problems with the way it ended.
in the letter Henry tells Claire that she should move on with her life and stop waiting for him and than he tells her that he will come back to see her one day.

do you think it helped or hurt Claire to know that Henry was going to come back to visit her?

i think that it actually hurt her because it was the one thing she always looked forward to and would prevent her from moving on with her life, finding happiness, a new love. i think that knowing Henry would come back to visit her prevented her from moving on. like when she slept with Gomez before she met Henry in the present,she felt so much guilt.
i think that she would feel that guilt even more if she ever moved on knowing Henry would come back to visit her one day.
i think that she would have moved on if she didn't know about Henrys visit.

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I totally agree with your opinion Bookgirl. The thought of your significant other telling you to move on and find someone new is terrifying. It's even more nerve-racking when they tell you they will come back to see you. Very complex, but overall, I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!

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Rebekah | 1 comments I just finished this book yesterday and I loved it! I agree with you both. Like Bookgirl said, seeing Henry was what Clare looked forward to more than anything. Even growing up, before Henry met her in his present, Clare never really dated anyone seriously because she had known Henry all of her life, even though he was sleeping around like crazy because, to him, he had never met Clare.
Having Henry die was bad enough, especially once Clare knew that it would be soon. I can kind of understand him telling her he would be dying soon, because they could love each other like they only had minutes left. But to tell Clare to move on and find love with someone else, but then tell her he would be visiting her again when she is very old...she was obviously going to wait for him and not move on. I think it did hurt her in the end.
I thought this was confusing at first, but once I saw how the whole thing worked, I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I loved it!!

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Brynn Sugarman | 3 comments I think that knowing that knowing that Henry was going to come back contributed to Clare not moving on in life, but even without knowing this, I'm not sure that she would have progressed much anyway. Most of us do, and the old adage that "time heals all wounds" is for the most part true, but it's important to remember that Clare's relationship with Henry, due to the time traveling, was mystical,in a way that would have been very hard to replace. On top of this, she has an artist's sensibility: after what she had with Henry, everything else would seem mundane. What they hard was irreplaceable. As a result, I don't really blame Henry for telling her the truth: that they would be together once again. I love this detail in the book: a brilliant little twist at the end of the book, masterfully supplied by the author!

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