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C.S. Lewis in TV Show LOST

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message 1: by Ted (new)

Ted Rohe (vangelicmonk) | 5 comments I thought you huge C.S. Lewis fans and possible or curious LOST fans may have already seen and talked about the new character in the new season named Charlotte Staples Lewis who is clearly in reference to C.S. Lewis and the impact on the story arc of the show (based on his books).

Moreover, those who don't know much about LOST still have time to rent the previous seasons, do a marathon of watching, and catch all the great literary concepts in the show.

Also all of you are more than welcome to join my LOST book club on here.

message 2: by Bob (new)

Bob (bobchristenson) | 5 comments This is cool! I don't watch LOST, but this makes me curious. Why was this character named as such? Does she exhibit qualities similar to CSL?

Can you share some more info on this Vangelicmonk? I'd love to hear more about this character...thanks!

message 3: by Ted (new)

Ted Rohe (vangelicmonk) | 5 comments Hey Bob,

Good questions. Her background is she is a British Cultural Anthropologist from Oxford. So in thst sense (so far) she is very much like C.S. Lewis.

You probably do not know much about LOST, but one of it's main elements has been this tension between faith and reason or science and mystery. Although her Character is a scientist who explores the Island, one gets the feeling she may be the scientist turned towards "faith" or like Character finding "Narnia."

Here is a discussion about the episode and the C.S. Lewis possible reasoning from the official LOST forum:

message 4: by Luiza (new)

Luiza | 1 comments Man, I almost regret giving up on that show.

message 5: by TC (new)

TC (terah) | 12 comments Did anyone catch the Lost "remix" that ran a week or two ago? I didn't notice any Lewis references, but I was listening.

message 6: by TC (new)

TC (terah) | 12 comments I watched it through Hulu so that I could enjoy the whole thing w/out missing any episodes. It was one weird, fantasic show. The series is filled with questions of man's relationship to the Almighty, his brother and his enemy. I can't believe I didn't watch it before now.

message 7: by Karen L. (new)

Karen L. I am in season 4 of the Lost series. I can't stop watching it. My kids and I watch at least one episode every night, and sometimes 2. Before going to sleep, I lie in bed thinking of possible answers to the show's mysteries. It is an amazing show.

message 8: by Nathan (new)

Nathan C. | 1 comments Tension between faith and reason? Wasn't Lewis' whole life about believing what was reasonable, and about having faith only in truth?

This will probably be more of a parody than a representation.

message 9: by Cody (new)

Cody | 6 comments This only makes me love LOST more. Whether or not their representation is correct, the idea alone is fantastic.

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