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Fruit Roll Down [Vivienne] (animehplover) | 9 comments Okay, first things first, it is coming out in 2010, not so far away! well, the summer of 2010... but have you seen the preveiws? if not, i will have it up, as well as the cast. :3 it is a live action movie, so i think i wont be AS cool as the show, but i think it will be AWESOME. hahahaha :3 ENJOY.

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Fruit Roll Down [Vivienne] (animehplover) | 9 comments The only preveiw out right now:


hehehehe!!!! i hope ou enjoyed!! :D
i sure did when i saw it on the big screen!!

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Fruit Roll Down [Vivienne] (animehplover) | 9 comments Cast (so far):
Aang: Noah Ringer
The Last Airbender Pictures, Images and Photos
Katara: Nicola Peltz
Nicola Peltz Pictures, Images and Photos
Sokka:Jackson Rathbone (jasper from twiligh HOTTIE!)
jackson rathbone Pictures, Images and Photos
Zuko: Dev Patel
Suki: Jessica Andres
Jessica Jade Andres Pictures, Images and Photos
Uncle Iroh: Shaun Toub (the guy from IRONMAN!)
Prem Avvie Pictures, Images and Photos

im sorry but that is it so far
except princess yue
and gran gran
it is only rumored for now
but here:
Yue: Seychelle Gabriel
Seychelle Gabriel Pictures, Images and Photos
Gran Gran: Katharine Houghton
Katharine Houghton

there you gooo!

Fruit Roll Down [Vivienne] (animehplover) | 9 comments i like zuko A LOT
and i think princess yue is good too
but she is just rumored :(

message 5: by Maura (new)

Maura I love the series, but I think they killed it in making the movie. How are they going to squeeze the whole series into just one movie? Or are they going to make three movies?

I also think that Aang looks like a fat little monk. He's a monk, but not fat. Everyone else looks fine.

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Maura Okay, where is Zuko's scar? I was just looking at the picture, and he has no scar. And his costume looks ridiculous.

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message 9: by Maura (new)

Maura I think he'll be fine, as long as he can still pull off Sokka's funny jokes. Zuko IS all wrong. The only argument I have against any other characters is that Aang needs to go work out at a gym. Loose some of that pudgy-ness.

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=== | 23 comments Wafa wrote: "ZUKO IS ALL WRONG

awesome and twilight dont belong in the same sentance

message 11: by Maura (new)

Maura Unless they're talking about any actors besides the two main ones in Twilight (Bella and Edward). Otherwise, I agree with you.

message 12: by === (new)

=== | 23 comments they all suck

message 13: by Maura (new)

Maura Well... I guess, yeah. They shouldn't have made that movie.

message 14: by === (new)

=== | 23 comments *nods*

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

i dont like twilight it really gets on my nerves but i like jackson rathbone

message 16: by === (new)

=== | 23 comments who?

message 17: by Maura (new)

Maura The guy who plays Jasper.

If the movie stinks, and they make another terrible sequel, I'm going to be SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO mad.

message 18: by === (new)

=== | 23 comments they are

message 19: by Maura (new)

Maura How many movies are they making? One for each book?

message 20: by === (new)

=== | 23 comments *nods* DUR

message 21: by Maura (new)

Maura That's horrible!! That means that they have three chances to wreck my love for Avatar!!! Or make it better. AT least they're not trying to cram the whole series into a movie. That'd be a nightmare.

message 22: by May (new)

May lol. ikr? hey guys im new! and i didnt no they were making a movie about it!!!!!!!!!!!

message 23: by May (new)

May the trailer sux. they are gouing to ruin everything...

message 24: by Maura (new)

Maura The trailer is terrible. Really? He's blowing out candles. That's a director fail.

message 25: by May (new)

May lol. ooohhh scary, he can blow out lots of candles and spin his glider.

message 26: by Maura (new)

Maura Ikr? And how he lowers his hood dramatically, and he's this chubby 12 year old.

message 27: by [deleted user] (new)

the directer is stupid!
i hate that guyz movies!!!!!!!!!

message 28: by Maura (new)

Maura What did he direct? I hope that it's not cheesy movies.
Dang, this is making me nervous.

message 29: by May (new)

May if he directed hp im gunna be po at hem!!!!!

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

did any of u hear of the village?
that movie that was supposed to be scary but ended up being pathetic!!!!!
that one

message 31: by May (new)

May uh...

message 32: by Maura (new)

Maura No, any others?

message 33: by === (new)

=== | 23 comments i might have.....

but i like the ring better

message 34: by May (new)

May other what??

message 35: by === (new)

=== | 23 comments ohtr ppl

message 36: by Maura (new)

Maura What? What does ohtr mean?

message 37: by May (new)

May i think its supposed to be other... right??

message 38: by Maura (new)

Maura I meant other movies the guy had directed.

message 39: by May (new)

May kk, @ percy jackson, i saw a commercial for this, and it looks ok, but aang still wierds me out...

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

was percy jackson good? i am going to watch it tomorrow but alot of ppl are saying they changed the book too much

message 41: by May (new)

May noo. if u like the book at all and want to have a good memory of a non screwed up movie, dont see it.

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

i liked it!!!! i watched it and even though they changed it alot from the book i still thought it was a good movie

message 43: by May (new)

May ehhh... oh well... :P

message 44: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) Isn't Noah Ringer the boy who actually played Aang's voice in the TV show?

message 45: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) Whoops, nope. Well I got that wrong! XD

message 46: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) There's this one too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-egQ79...

After seeing this one, I'm a little bit worried about Aang ... he seems to be acting too much like a 112 year old person, and not a 12 year old boy who is ACTUALLY 112 years old.

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