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(start rp here)

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Lyla Neko (scourgelyla) Blazingstar sat watching his clan waken.
Autumnkit tumbled out the nursury and scruffled w/ a leaf.

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Swiftpaw walked steadily out of her den and into the morning sun. "Good morning Blazingstar, Autumnkit!" Swiftpaw was happy to see them out and about. (( sweeney toad please use full words))

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Lyla Neko (scourgelyla) "Good-morning, Swiftpaw!" Automnkit squeeked happily rushing twored her.
Blazingstar chuckled as Autumnkit playfully tackled Swiftpaw. "Good morning, Swiftpaw," she murmured in between laughs.

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Firefoot stretched when he padded back from the dawn patrol.He flicked his ears to Swiftpaw and walked to Blazingstar."Nothing unusual to report this morning."

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((nvm ur fine)) "How are you Blazingstar?" Swiftpaw said while playfully tackling Autumnkit.

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Firefoot chuckled.

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"What's so funny Firefoot?" Swiftpaw asked suddenly stopping playing with Autumnkit. She now was a bit confused.

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"Nothing I assure you."

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"Right..." Swiftpaw said mysteriously. He decided to go back to playing with Autumnkit. " Come on Autumnkit let's go somewhere else. Firefoot seems to be busy with his own duties." Swiftpaw started to walk away with Autumnkit close behind him.

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