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message 1: by Ashley (last edited Feb 14, 2008 04:44PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ashley 1. Discuss Clare’s attraction to fictional orphans. Why is she so fascinated by them, even before her mother leaves? Why can she relate to them? In what ways is she abandoned even before she is actually abandoned?

2. Cornelia claims that she doesn’t fantasize about living in an old Hollywood movie but it becomes clear that she does. In what ways does she try to keep her own desires for the perfect Hollywood romance at bay? Why does she think she’ll never have it? Does she harbor false or unrealistic expectations about love?

Joanie | 121 comments I'm listening to this on CD and so far I'm liking the Clare chapters much better than the Cornelia chapters but I can't tell if that's because I like the narrator for the Clare chapters better or if because I'm finding Cornelia somewhat annoying at this point (which could also be due to the narrator, I'm not sure)

My first thought about Clare's attraction to fictional orphans was that maybe it's the idea of possibility, the possibility of being adopted, of having a new life etc. It could also be due to the fact that both her parents are orphans, although as she says, they weren't orphaned as children. I think it's funny that she talks about half orphans, kids with only one parent and actually, doesn't Sara Crewe technically fit into that category, not the orphan category? I know there was a period where it is believed that her father is dead but it turns out he's not-funny that she still puts her into the orphan category anyway. I think Clare is also attracted to their ability to overcome their circumstances. She's pretty much abandonded by her father due to the fact that she never really sees him, and when she does, he seems distracted and wanting to be somewhere else. I don't have a real good grasp of her mother yet but it seems like she's emotionally absent or distant a lot of the time, even if she's physically present.

Cornelia is kind of bugging me so far. I don't buy her claims that she doesn't want to live in a Hollywood movie, I think she knows it's unrealistic but she wants it just the same. She tries to deny that she believes in signs but then she takes all these things with Martin to be signs. So far I feel like she does have unrealistic expectations. The fact that she doesn't think it's odd that someone she's just met has asked her to go to London with him makes me think she's someone who would get all swept up in a bad situation and not realize it. (But maybe that's just me being too cynical!) I know she's trying to point out that this is so out of character for her, that she never acts like this etc. but her constant reference to Hollywood love stories isn't giving her a whole lot of credibility in my eyes.

message 3: by Emily (new)

Emily 1. To me, Claire relates to the orphans because she's always been left to her own devices. Throughout the whole first part of the book she is relying ownly one herself for survival.

Joanie you have a good point, I also think the orphan stories appeal to her because she's thinking about how she too can beat the odds. I won't spoil the story, but it becomes clearer as it progresses that the mother has been emotionally and quite frankly mentally absent for quite a while. I think we're supposed to assume she's manic depressive.

2. Based on some of Cornelia's comments in the early part of the book, I think part of the reason she's so stuck on the stories of Hollywood romance is because to some extent she doesn't have the self-confidence to believe she deserves the real deal. On one level I think she understands that Hollywood romance is just all make believe, but as long as she holds onto that dream she doesn't have to face reality and deal with her self-esteem issues. Between her self-critical comments about her appearance, to her description of her career, to her outline of her relationship with her mother I think her low self-esteem affects her romantic daydreams and her inability to see reality.

Joanie | 121 comments I read some of the book last night instead of just listening to the CD and I do think some of my annoyance with Cornelia has to do with the narrator than with the actual story (although I still am annoyed by her at times!) I think part of it is made worse by the fact that Clare's story is so sad and heavy at this point (still only about 80-90 pages in) and then the story switches to Cornelia chirping away about the perfect wrist length gloves with pearl buttons. On my way home from work yesterday I actually found myself groaning out loud at some of the things Cornelia says.

*Possible Spoiler*

I'm hoping once Clare and Cornelia come together (as I'm assuming Martin is Clare's father) then the story will shift a bit. I'm really enjoying the parts with Clare, she's a pretty amazing character.

Bree (coffeebeanbookshelf) I'm only about 25 pages in, but so far, these are my thoughts:

1. I think Clare identifies with orphans because it's obvious already that her mom isn't really "there", let alone there for her. Plus her father is out of the picture except for the New Year's Day lunches which rarely happen anyway. So in her own mind, she's on her own like an orphan - no emotional connection to an adult who is looking out for her.

Rebecca 1) I'm really into Clare's part of the story. Her obsession with orphans seems to stem from her relationship with her parents. I think she's preparing herself for what she feels is the inevitable. She's quite a precocious child. I really like her character.

2)I find Cornelia's chapters annoying. Cornelia definitely wants the perfect Hollywood love story - right now I don't even want to learn why - I'm about 90 pages in. When I get to the end of a Clare chapter I'm sad to have to read about Cornelia. There must be a reason for the Cornelia chapters - I'm curious to find out what the connection is with all the characters.

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