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Paulo Coelho turns tables on Harper Collins on matters of copyright

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message 1: by Aart (new)

Aart | 14 comments Mod
The best-selling author Paulo Coelho has managed to turn tables on his publishing house Harper Collins. Indeed, the New York Times released an article (
saying how Harper Collins is enabling the online reading of Coelho's book The Witch of Portobello in its website. The publishing house also announced it would be putting a Coelho book per month on it's website.
It seems that Harper Collins had no choice, since Coelho confessed in his speech during the DLD conference earlier this year, that many books (including Harper English versions) where in Pirate Coelho – a blog he created for free download :
Thumbs up for Pirate Coelho!

message 2: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm (Malcolm_Campbell) | 2 comments Allowing people to browse on line is, as Harper's CEO was quoted as saying in the NYT article, like taking the shrinkwrap off a book and getting to see what goes on there.

We take this for granted in a bricks and mortar bookstore. While some of the people drinking coffee and sitting around in the comfy chairs probably never actually buy a book, good stores are busy with people who--once they thumb through a book--actually do buy it.

Amazon's "search inside" feature already makes this possible to som extent. The HarperCollins browse makes all of the text available thought it's a little slow even though I'm on DSL. But still, I can see more than enough there at my leisure to decide whether to buy or not. Why there should be so much controversy about this in some circles, I don't know. It's not as though the publisher's entire list is there in a downloadable format where the world's books are suddenly all free.


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