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Gregory Boulware (gregoryvboulware) | 5 comments /*
"Danger - Alert!"

'Boathouse Row, in Philly, Under Attack!'


pg. 171 - 'Fairmount'

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Gregory Boulware (gregoryvboulware) | 5 comments /*
Gerald pulled out a couple of vials and swabs. He collected blood (human and animal), skin, saliva, and hair samples. The stuff was everywhere. There was blood and other samples on the outside and inside of the banged up car. The ranger photographed the dents and scratch marks as well. He also discovered claw markings imbedded in the door, fender, and bumper of the jeep. These samples would be passed along to Genailia and the professor for their expert analysis. Captain Samuel was intently examining the overly large paw and claw markings on the dirt and cement river bank.
The captain looked right, in the easterly direction, up the river and then westerly in the direction of the boathouse row and center city. His eyes widened in horror as he waved desperately to his friend.
Closer to the point terror was the canine unit. The big dogs began to yelp and bark. Their handlers cut them loose. The double mounds of furry muscle and flashing molars took off like a cannon-shot in the direction of the people behind the police barricades. People screamed. Their screams were of non-harmonic melodies. The pitches of high decibel intensity wielded spine chilling fear; screams from the frightfully horrified depths of the human soul. There is no worldly description to mimic the sounds therein.
Bodies flew as the monstrous claw raked its way through the crowd. Scrambling people spilled out all over the festive boat racing party area. It didn’t care who or what was knocked down and stepped on, be it babies and old ladies or any other vulnerable soul caught up in the frenzy.
The two canine cops were confident the dogs would subdue the attacking beast. Their animals have won prestigious awards and rewards for expertise and services. They’ve captured murdering drug dealers, gang-bangers, hostage takers, bank robbers, and found lost children and missing persons. The dogs were famous town heroes. But they were no match for this pumped-up super-sized...
~Pg. 171~

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Gregory Boulware (gregoryvboulware) | 5 comments /*

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