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Kelley Anne | 1619 comments I just read the first book in a series by Kaza Kingsley and I just really had to tell everyone about it! The book is called, The Dragon's Eye. It's the first of 8 planned books. I am also about a quarter of the way through book #2, The Monsters of Otherness and the 3rd book, Erec Rex The Search for Truth comes out next week.

I'm not sure if Urban Fantasy was really the genre to place it in, it's a similar style as Harry Potter. It's also written for that pre-teen age but I think that any age of reader would love it! It doesn't seem like a lot of people have heard of it yet, so that's why I wanted to make sure and post about it on here. Maybe get the word out about this series.

The main character is a boy named Erec Rex. He wakes up one morning to find that his mom is missing. As he goes off to search for her, he finds himself thrown into a world of magic that he never knew anything about. It was a really fun, fast read. I could easily see this series becoming the next Harry Potter. The Dragon's Eye

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Jess | 3721 comments Hmm sounds interesting

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo (eiyah_fantasyfreak) Jess wrote: "Hmm sounds interesting"
You betcha, Jess!!! and I agree with Kelley over hear...so start reading!

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