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Kyla Lecuyer | 1 comments Amidst the challenges of operating a business and maintaining a household in demanding economic times, clarity of vision in the decision making process is absolutely essential. Unfortunately, success is never guaranteed and controversy often arises in the form of business liquidation, marital dissolution and thorny tax problems. With an in-depth understanding of the courts; receivership; bankruptcy proceedings; taxes; and civil and criminal litigation; The Fraud Group can provide the perspective clients, counsel and advisors desperately need.

Contact Info:
2232 S. Main St., No. 411
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Tel 877.TFG.1166
Fax 866.789.7175



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Media Library

* Featured Article - ' Expert Discovery Returns to the Past ' was written by Damon W.D. Wright - Venable LLP,, (202 344-4937)

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