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 Araceli | 131 comments Mod
Post up your horses in the Ranch Roleplay like this:

Brief History:

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 Araceli | 131 comments Mod
Name: Snowdance
Age: 4
Gender: Male
Personality: Nice, mischevious, playful, brave, daring
Brief History: Born from two famous jumpers, bought by a 15 year old and NICE girl, boards him here.
Other: Likes to jump, always causes havoc when he jumps the fence and runs away playfully from the grooms, has a big crush on Rani

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Name: Bailey
Gender: gelding
Appearance: Bay with black mane and tail
Personality: Stubborn and active
Brief History: Was bought by a family who has 2 daughters who wanted a horse,then once they got the horse,they didn't pay much attention to him.
Other: Likes to jump and eat!!!!!lol loves to be groomed.

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Name: Rani
Age: 4
Breed: Arabian/Thoroughbred
Gender: Mare
Appearance: Pure black, small white star on chest, long flowing mane and tail, white patch in the shape of a crown on her shoulder, very beautiful
Personality: Regal, elegant, a little quiet sometimes, but can show her daredevil, wild side
Brief history: She has racehorse and eventing bloodlines in her, Charisma, and Secretariat, was bought from a farm by a 15 year old who took care of her
Other: Loves jumping, and running, often simultaneously, has a very, very, very big crush on Snowdance, but she's very good at hiding it. Gets a lot of attention, but doesn't want others mad at her.

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Cassie (cstar12) Name: Rose Petal (Rose or Petal)
Age: 4
Gender: Female
Appearance: [image error]
Personality: Quiet, fun-loving, kind, gentle, always understands
Brief History: Has been living in the same place since she was born, Mother and Father died.
Other: Loves little kids as long as they don't pull her tail. Then they need to be taught a lesson.

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We need more stallions! All but one of the horses are mares!

message 7: by Cassie (new)

Cassie (cstar12) u and I can both make one each or something... yeah.....

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never mind, i want sun to like rani. OR, you can play sun liking rani, and i can play moon liking rose petal!! it would work that way!!

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Cassie (cstar12) we are already doing that!

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well i said that awhile ago

message 11: by Cassie (new)

Cassie (cstar12) ok

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Hawkheart Name: Night
Age: 5
Gender: Stallion
Personality: hard working, hardly talks
Brief History: was born a wild horse, but was brought to the ranch when he was 2

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Killer Queen (evilbutterflies) Name: Ja
Age: 5
Gender: stallion
Appearance: [image error]
Personality: hard working
Brief History: he's a work horse
Other: he's a clydesdale

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Cassie (cstar12) ohhh! prtty

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hes big

message 16: by Cassie (new)

Cassie (cstar12) yup yup

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Name: Milly
Age: 4
Gender: female
Personality: freindly, brave, loving, trustworthy
Brief History: was raised by her owner from birth, then borded at the ranch.
Other: idk...loves peppermints
Crush: TBA

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Name: Quadro
Age: 11
Gender: Stallion
Appearance: (this is the facility that i went to cmap in!)
Personality: powerful, good heart, sweet nature (sometime rebelious)
Brief History: Quadro was imported from Portugal, excels in dressags and show jumping.
Other: 16.3, Lusitano
Crush: TBA

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 Araceli | 131 comments Mod
I'm going to make a profile for Snowdance's rider.

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Where do we do that?

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 Araceli | 131 comments Mod
Just right here :)

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K. :L A new smiley!

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 Araceli | 131 comments Mod
Name: Sparrow Martin
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: Really nice, outgoing, friendly, protective, kind
Brief History: Bought Snowdance in an auction, trained him up to be an excellent jumper.
Other: Had Snowdance's mother as her first horse (The one in the picture)

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Name: Krystal Coleman
Age: 14
Gender: F
Appearance: Except her hair is waist length. She's fit, and slim, but she's not stick thin. She's 5'4 and very pretty.
Personality: Kind, outgoing, friendly, a great rider, really cares about Rani and the others.
Crush: Nah..

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 Araceli | 131 comments Mod
Eg, got to go to bed. Later!

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Bleh!! Byez

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Pupdog911 | 2 comments Name: Harmony Maxwell
Appearance:tall slim, black hair to her shoulders, blue green eyes
Personality:gentle, patient, sweet, very experienced rider
Horse: Grayson's Pride, a spirited tb stallion she saved from the slaughter. Was an ex racer and she trained him for 3 day events.
Crush: cute stableboy named Aaron

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ohh i wanna join!

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Um, make a charrie.

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