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The Friday House - Chapter 2 (part 2)

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D.K. (dkgaston) | 10 comments Margaret was out of the building. She laughed at a joke Tommy, the security guard told as she headed to the car even though she thought the joke was lame. This related back to her years of growing up in an orphanage. It was best to stay on everyone’s good side, be it laughing at bad jokes or tolerating someone’s stupidity. You never knew when you might need them. When she met Mathew thirteen years ago, she had used that very philosophy to win his heart.
Mathew left the army with an honorable discharge and high hopes for his future, after four years as an officer in the military. While serving, he was approached by a representative of the CIA and asked to join the organization. He accepted enthusiastically. It had been a decision he kept from everyone. His first undercover assignment had been overseas in China posing as a low-level clerk in the American Embassy.
Margaret was in China at the same time translating Chinese to English for the American ambassador. Each day she passed Mathew in the corridor, he would ask her to have coffee with him. Each day, she would refuse. At the time, she had her eye on the ambassador who had been recently widowed. He was on the short-list to be transferred to Washington, where upon his arrival he would receive a high-level position.
Despite her constant refusals, Mathew persisted. Finally, to end his steady onslaught of queries, she relented. A decision she never regretted. Two months later after making passionate love, Mathew broke protocol and told her he was working for the CIA. The months of lying about who he really was would have infuriated any other woman, but Margaret seemed pleased by the information. A year later they were married. Mathew used his influence to secure her a job with NASA and they had both been on the fast track in life as well as in their jobs.
Margaret slid behind the wheel of the red Lexus. She retrieved the cell phone from her purse and dialed home. Marshall picked up on the first ring. Mathew’s voice, somewhat distant from the receiver, was in the background telling their son to bring him the phone. Margaret smiled hearing her husband’s voice. “Hello.”
“Hey, honey. It’s me. Letting you know, I’m on the way home,” she paused, adding, “As promised.”
“This must be the cold day in hell,” he joked.
“Don’t be silly. I’ll be home soon. Love you, hon.”
“Love you, too.”
Cutting the connection, she dropped the phone back into her purse. Her stomach growled. She hadn’t had anything but energy bars and Gatorade the entire day, opting to do her regular workouts during lunch rather than eat. She did not regret the decision, she had the body of an Olympic runner as a reward. Her stomach growled again as she started the car. At home, Mathew would have dinner ready. She would, of course, reward him for his valiant effort after the kids were asleep.
The engine purred as she raced off the NASA facility grounds. Turning on the CD player, Margaret listened to Toby Keith’s, Honkytonk University. A minute into the song, she sang off-key along with Toby Keith.
“…A stay can't burn forever
And the brightest ones will someday lose their shine
But the glass won't ever be
Half empty in my optimistic mind...”
As she neared the freeway, a dark pick-up was moving fast in her rearview mirror. The truck nearly hit her as it veered into the next lane. She blew her horn as the vehicle shot past her.
The truck swerved into her lane just ahead of her and began slowing. Margaret cursed. She was so fixated on the driver ahead of her; she did not notice the second similar colored truck closing in on her rear. The pickup in front of her slammed on its brakes. Reacting quickly, she tried to steer the Lexus away in another direction. The truck behind her slammed into the Lexus bumper, forcing her car back toward the first pickup.
She heard herself screaming as the car crashed into the bumper of the stopped pickup. The airbags deployed as her head lurched forward. The Lexus engine shut off. Heart racing, she did not panic. Pushing her way past the airbag, she opened the car door. Two men stood on opposite sides of the car. Their gazes ominous. They started to approach. Kicking off her high-heel shoes, Margaret sprinted in the direction of nearby traffic.
One of the men said, “Get the subject.”
The subject?
Not having time to think about its meaning, she focused on making it to some place safe. One of the men gave chase but could not keep up. Hope began to emerge. A sudden sharp sting pinched the nape of her neck. Becoming lightheaded, her legs began to swagger.
Did I hit my head?
No memory of striking her head against anything but the airbag came to mind. The pinching sensation in her neckline grew more encompassing. Reaching back, she felt the area. She touched something protruding from her neck. She pulled it out and brought it around to look at it, confused by what she saw.
Margaret spun around falling to her knees. It was a tranquilizer dart in her hand. She finally understood. In her fog, she watched the two men approaching. They grabbed her by the arms and began carrying her back toward their trucks.
“Where…aa…are…yu…you…tak..taking…me?” Margaret was not sure if the words actually came out of her mouth. She was so weak and could barely think, let alone speak.
They placed her in the passenger seat of the second truck. She overheard the men discussing what they were going to do with her car. The man from the first truck disappeared from Margaret’s sight. The second man jumped into the driver’s seat. He ran his hand through her long blonde hair so that he could see her face. Through her haze, she saw the man staring at her shaking his head.
“What a waste.” Margaret heard him say before drifting into darkness.

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Yvonne Mason (authoryvonnemason) | 17 comments Very Well Done. You got my attention.

message 3: by Michael (new)

Michael Phelps (michaelphelps) | 35 comments Excellent . . worth buying your book . . Need to know . . the rest of the story!

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D.K. (dkgaston) | 10 comments Thanks for your comments. You've encouraged me to post a few more chapters.

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Urenna Sander | 29 comments I liked it. It has plenty of action and that's what you should have in your novel. It kept me interested.

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