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A long time ago, my brother had this Boy Scout thing where all families who had a scout member get together at my Elementary school and eat and talk, it was sort of like a ceremony. Anyway, kids my age came to play with me and we decided to play hide and seek. There was a little kindergartener hallway that has one room and a door leading outside to the playground. I was looking for a girl with another girl by my side. So we were wandering around the hallway thinking that the girl was hiding in the room and the door suddenly opened with a creak we both said, “Come out, come out where ever you are,” But nobody came out. There was no wind. No human was inside (we didn’t see any skin.) and the door was completely closed before this happened. And of course, we ran away obviously. We were 7 or 8, don’t blame us. Oh! And the girl was hiding somewhere else! It was so scary.
Recently I read a book with true stories and I am not joking they were all true. So one story said that this guy was walking on ice when he saw undefined footsteps walking on the ice too. Then the ‘Ghost’ Threw ice at the real man and then the ‘Ghost’ walked away.
Another story was about a photo journalist who was taking pictures in an empty church. He swore that nobody was in the church while he was taking photos. Then he took a photo and the image appeared to have a faded person in the picture. (The picture was displayed in the book.)

PageSageRageParker the Mighty (White Chocolate) (theoriginal) oOoOoO!!! freaky!!!!! my mom was in a house that had and up stairs attic. no one else was in the house and she heard funiture being thrown, literally, around but when she went to look nothing was there!!! then she found a picture of 2 women holding a baby but the baby was like faded but glowing at the same time.... it was weird when she told me...

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Jen wow, it’s really weird and freaky when these things happen! Wait, where were you?

PageSageRageParker the Mighty (White Chocolate) (theoriginal) at a place called camp egan.

message 5: by Jen (new)

Jen oh so your mom was alone

PageSageRageParker the Mighty (White Chocolate) (theoriginal) She was in the house alone. not the camp.

PageSageRageParker the Mighty (White Chocolate) (theoriginal) OH!!! I wasn't born yet.

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Jen oh!! okay

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Jen well G2G

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Jen I am baxck sorry my typing isn't hood I on an iPod

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Jen now I am on my bros comp!

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Jen yayayayay

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Jen lol

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