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what kind of person do you think plato was?

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he, obviously, saw the world a different way, i wonder if that meant he acted a different way?

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Sofia (sofiakennedy) | 299 comments Mod
Truthfully, I've got no idea who Plato is. Ben's idea of a title. All I know is that he's some philosopher dude.

Abby (I♥Fang) (ifang) | 14 comments same

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Sofia (sofiakennedy) | 299 comments Mod
Maybe Ben would care to explain who he is to clear up my muddled confusion???

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Sofia (sofiakennedy) | 299 comments Mod
Not me. He sounds boring. And thanks!

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Sofia (sofiakennedy) | 299 comments Mod
Who says he was smarter than me? I could become the wisest person ever in a couple decades.

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Sofia (sofiakennedy) | 299 comments Mod
Maybe I won't know you in 20 years. Wait, I don't mean that...

Maybe you won't be alive in 20 years. Oh, I don't mean that either...

Umm... Considering options... Lightbulb!!!!

Maybe you won't remember in 20 years!!!

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Sofia (sofiakennedy) | 299 comments Mod
And lose the paper it was on!!!

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hey, ben- sofia, BREAK IT UP!!! (if i had to end this i would end with a comprimise- ben; you are more factually smart. sofia; you have way bettercome-backs!

when I started this discussion i was talking about what kind of personalty and character and how plato would interact in his every day life with other poeple( i already knew all those facts-ben- but thank you for informing sofia)


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Sofia (sofiakennedy) | 299 comments Mod
Seriously? I have better come-backs? Okay, pride....

And back to the Plato dude. Oh!!! Idea. I'll go look him up on wikipedia. Then I'll feel like a smart person =D But I'll do that later, 'cause I don't feel like it.

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Sofia wrote: "And lose the paper it was on!!!"
p.s ben should type ikt and save it to a computer disk if she doesnt want to lose it.

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sofia wikipedia is great but anybody can post on it- make sure it is correct information! (sorry to sound like the teacher, i probably would trust wikipedia in a heart beat)

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Sofia (sofiakennedy) | 299 comments Mod
Yeah, I know... =( Most of the info's correct, and if it's not, It looks like it is, so I can sound like I know what I'm talking about =)

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Sofia (sofiakennedy) | 299 comments Mod
That's interesting...

And you most certainly aren't!!! There's the lamest of lame comebacks right there.

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Sofia (sofiakennedy) | 299 comments Mod
So why's this dude famous if we don't know what he was actually like?

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Sofia (sofiakennedy) | 299 comments Mod
So he was really nice?

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Sofia (sofiakennedy) | 299 comments Mod

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Salaam   Adnan Ingilah (Salaam_Adnan_Ingilah) | 3 comments
Hi this Salaam Ingilah
from syria , Iam now in Saudi Arabia

in fact a link between the three greatest Greek philosophers in the Covenant
Socrates was a teacher, a professor of Aristotle!

Is a leading romantic!

Raise the image of the highest hand painted by Raphael in his famous huge painting School of Athens!

Show that he was a common believe in one God, to the large number of Gods that were in ancient Greece time.
And a translator of Aristotle and with them the greatest Arab philosopher Ibn Rushd, the Muslim al-Andalus, Islamic Spain, the old!

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Salaam   Adnan Ingilah (Salaam_Adnan_Ingilah) | 3 comments Frankly, this sculpture was not appropriate to set the name of Plato, though, as this symbolizes the thought and logic, but one of the most important innovations the famous French sculptor Rodin in the modern age!

Plato is a famous statue of the ancient Greek era.
Plato's works were a «conversation» he inherited from his teacher Socrates. And easily defined in the style of educational Mahorath compositions of all views and discussions were taking place during the lessons. The literature is replete these vibrant of all branches of knowledge, which included lessons on living, which was attended by pupils from all classes and parts in addition to a comprehensive presentation of the intellectual heritage of the Greek Homer to Socrates.

Historians of philosophy that combines the works of Plato and arrived in full. And contributed to some books and spurious messages exaggerating the number. However, critics and scholars have distinguished the inherent and classified them according to the form. And called the works of young b «interviews Alsagratip», as they appear and defend the views of Socrates, and raises questions about the basic concepts and leave it pending, it is the most famous «protest Socrates» a defense before the court prior to his death, and «Hebas smaller» a dialogue about the relationship between science and action and «Brocagoras» or Sophist, revolved around a virtue. One of the most important characteristics of this stage, criticism of sophists views of Socrates and his opponents. The «adulthood interviews» Vtnsp until after his return from the south of Italy and the establishment of the Academy. Characterized by the emergence of ideas Alwithagorip. It is the most famous «banquet» The theme of love that Plato was a race has to be addressed philosophically. And engaging in dialogue «Fedun» dealing with the immortality of self after death. Has completed the formation of Plato in his book «Politics» (Republic), who wrote in times far apart at this stage, it shows the features of utopia. The talks «Barmnides» presents the theory of ideals. The «old interviews» nadir by the independent nature of the ideas of Plato, and highlights their success in the debate, it is trying to diagnose the state of Sophist tend to classify the meanings of the types and species, and limping on the meaning of existence. Among the most famous dialogues this stage «Timos» which deals with the issue of the nature and origin of the universe and the Creator. The latest book is Plato «norms» or «law», consisting of twelve articles initiated by the community.


Plato is a philosopher of knowledge, has summarized the views of Socrates in response to the sophists.

Thank you

this is his nice photo I like it :

this is also Athena School !


Many of the pictures and sculptures, as well as video clips

I thing this better for your group to put it as logo :


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Sofia (sofiakennedy) | 299 comments Mod
Hi!!!! I'm glad you joined the group =) That was really interesting!!! Sounds like you know a lot about philosophy. You can add the photos you like to group photos if you want. So far we don't have any, so it's great that you have some. And thanks for all the suggestions. I'll ask Ben about it when I see her today =D Enjoy the group!

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❦✮ Sophie ✮❦ (sophie_the_great) | 74 comments Mod
Ben wrote: "(sigh)

Someday I'll get tired of being your crutch, Sofia. When that day comes...

Anyway, time for "Plato in a Nutshell:"

Plato was an ancient Greek philosopher who studied under Socrates (know..."

He also tought Aristotle, who tutored Alex. The Great....

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Sofia (sofiakennedy) | 299 comments Mod
How come you guys all know this stuff??? I never learned anything about philosophy...

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❦✮ Sophie ✮❦ (sophie_the_great) | 74 comments Mod
I read this book called like " So you want to be a philosopher- 15 great people and how they changed us" or something like that, plus, I had world cultures with mr. Lantzy (gag, but he taught us stuff...).

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Sofia (sofiakennedy) | 299 comments Mod
Oh. We had world cultures, but we didn't really get to very specific stuff. =(

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❦✮ Sophie ✮❦ (sophie_the_great) | 74 comments Mod
No, it's an abbriviation- Alex.<- (See the period!?!?!?!?) And actually, yes, I was on first name terms with him- we're both The Great.

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❦✮ Sophie ✮❦ (sophie_the_great) | 74 comments Mod
Well yes, on this group, but on TS (ROTU) I'm The Great.

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❦✮ Sophie ✮❦ (sophie_the_great) | 74 comments Mod
I don't know, anyway, it's been like an unofficial nickname of mine since 4th grade. (My "official" nickname was Caesar; Karrie's was Bunhead. Don't ask.)

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Abby (I♥Fang) (ifang) | 14 comments Sophie wrote: "I don't know, anyway, it's been like an unofficial nickname of mine since 4th grade. (My "official" nickname was Caesar; Karrie's was Bunhead. Don't ask.)"

how come i never heard about these nicknames?!?!?

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❦✮ Sophie ✮❦ (sophie_the_great) | 74 comments Mod
Were you in the Dumb Pig Foundation? If so you probally had one.... I really didn't know you in 4th grade... =(

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Abby (I♥Fang) (ifang) | 14 comments I was in the Dumb Pig Foundation! I don't think I ever got a nickname, though. I was in it 'cause I knew Sarah C. and she knew you guys. That's how I knew you in 5th grade!

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❦✮ Sophie ✮❦ (sophie_the_great) | 74 comments Mod
Oh yeah!!!!! (And also 'cuz you were in Mrs. Cook's class =D) Now that I think of it, I think we gave ourselves nicknames really early in the year when the DPF really only had 3 members- Karrie, Mara, and I... I think Mara's was like M&M or something like that. I know I got mine b/c I wore a Roman general's helmet (like with all the feathers =]) for crazy hat day (during that anti-drug week) and a bunch of people were chasing me and going "Give me a feather, Caesar!!!!!!!". I'll look at the handbook and see if you had one b/c there's a roster in there.

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Jennifer Cipri | 2 comments I just recently picked up Plato in the library and read only two of his books: Apology and Crito. (Reading Phaedo now)

I have very little knowledge of anything about him outside of what I read but this is what struck me:

The Plato that spoke to me was someone who was so deeply moved and inspired by this man Socrates that his life took on a different meaning after meeting him. He LOVED Socrates with all his heart, which made me feel as if Plato was an extremely sensitive person who longed for intimacy and meaning in not only his personal life but his career. And Socrates was his focal point and mentor in guiding him to a deep interior life.

I mean, how many of us know someone who isn't blood, that we would dedicate a great work of art on? I wish I knew someone that powerful and meaningful that they could inspire me to write about them and honor them for eternity.

The Socrates that he wrote of was such a selfless person, and so deeply loved by people who were not blood, but just students and friends. I fell in love with Socrates. My God. He was so graceful and generous even at his death. And his willingness to choose death over abandoning truth just BLOWS MY MIND!

What kind of truth did Socrates have in his heart? IT had to be magical, ethereal, out of this world to steady him in such a way that he knew that TRUTH was worth more than his very life.

I am so turned on to these two men right now that I think they might be my two favorite people of all TIME!! I am not a scholar of philosophy, so excuse my ignorance and only speaking about how these texts made me FEEL. But FEEL was all I could do while I read these stories. This stuff has the power to change lives and aspirations. Did I already say this? I AM BLOWN AWAY!!!!!!!

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