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message 1: by brooke1994 (new)

brooke1994  (formerlynarnian525) | 11 comments Discuss Hobbes here. What stuff do you like about him?

message 2: by Elisabeth (last edited Jun 24, 2009 08:11PM) (new)

Elisabeth (lizzardbreath) I was Hobbes with my friend Mayrose (who played Calvin) at Literacy Night at our school this

last year. We won the costume contest and got a book, a journal, and two giftcards to Barnes &

Noble and Half Price Books. *Realizes she hasn't used the giftcards yet* Crap. I wonder when they

run out............

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I don't even know where mine are...
That was SO much fun though!!! No one recognized me until I talked!!

message 4: by Gabriella (new)

Gabriella (musicislifeglee) Hobbes is awesome! Need I say more?

message 5: by ~♥Alyssa♥~ (new)

~♥Alyssa♥~ (lyssie123) | 7 comments I agree! Hobbes is so amazing! I had a teacher names Mrs. Hobbes, and for Halloween she would dress up in a tiger suit. None of my friends but me got it....

Lol...Naruto Rocks! (Katelyn, Haku.) | 6 comments Hobbes is soooooooooooooooooooo awesome.

message 7: by brooke1994 (new)

brooke1994  (formerlynarnian525) | 11 comments Hobbes is the best comic strip character

☠ Tiger Lady II ☠  (GorillazUberFan223) Feh! Calvin is obviously the comedic genious of the piece!

Silver Prion Chemistry  the Martian Blob (silverprionchemistry) | 5 comments Go, Hobbes!

message 10: by Zoë (new)

Zoë Malik (violetnese) | 3 comments He's my best imaginary friend or my imaginary best friend?

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