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Mark Sanford

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Tom Foolery (tomfoolery) Fuckwit refuses to take federal stimulus money for the state "on principle." The money is going to go somewhere whether it comes to South Carolina or not. Refusing to take the money does not reduce the total amount the feds spend on the stimulus. It does not reduce the amount that South Carolina taxpayers will, ultimately, pay for the stimulus. What it does do is get this fuckwit's name in the news, and get the attention of the powers that be in the Republican party, so he can make a run for the presidential nomination in a year or two. Oh, yeah, and it fucks the South Carolina education system right up the ass.

Now he's got his name in the news again, after disappearing for a few days so he can go bang some Argentine chick-- that his wife has known about for 5 months-- and then come back and tearfully apologize. Oh, yeah, and humiliate his wife. He's gonna resign his position as chair of the Republican Governor's Association, because that august organization can't tolerate this sort of moral lapse. He's gonna hang on to the governorship of SC, though, cause he hasn't fucked us all over as thoroughly as he'd like yet.

The worst of it is that he's got me thinking like a paranoid conspiracy theorist now. I bet he announced this now so the public can get used to it won't be so shocking when he runs for president. It's hard to tell through the absolutely shitty writing in this article, but i can even see it as a big publicity stunt...a few months from now it comes out that he didn't really bang the Argentine chick, but they came close, and the fact that he reacted this way shows what strong moral values he has. Fucker.

On the plus side...Amanda, WSPA in Spartanburg CLEARLY needs new writers and/or editors for their website...

Servius  Heiner I thought the rub with the education stimulus monies is that it is just enough to start the programs but no long term monies to keep them going... and there are a lot of strings attached to the stimulus money so it is not just a matter of paying it back.

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