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The thing you remembered the most

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brooke1994 What was your favorite memory of this book?

Jenn hmmm....probably at the end when charlottes kids are writing things in the webs too! (if i remember correctly?) lol


Faith Quick what stays with me the most is when the fern is swinging with wilbur in the swing and singing and talking to wilbur and wilbur is so content and happy he feels like he is going to burst. i love those parts. when fern is still into the little piglet and loves him so much and plays with him everyday, treating him like her one confidant and friend. i love how warm and safe wilbur feels around her.

and then at the end when all the charlotte babies leave wilbur and only i think 3 or 5 stay with wilbur because they can't leave being so small. how content wilbur is with his small few spiders left to him to remind him of charlotte.

Sarah The last two sentences. :}

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My best memory is my second grade teacher reading it to us. It was springtime and the window were open and we all cried (even some of the boys) when Charlotte dies and then her little spiderlets stay with her... a lovely memory.

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I never read this book as a child but I read it to my daughters. They both loved it but I fell in love with it. The most memorable part for me was the death of Charlotte, that took me out. I cried to where my daughters sat on my lap to comfort me. Love that book.

Lisa I remember Fern running to save Wilbur from an untimely death. Her love for Wilbur is amazing.

Karen The sadness of Charlotte dying, then the satisfaction when some of her children continue on with Wilbur.

Natalie I remember the part where wilbur puts the egg sac in his mouth and how the author describes the texture... Don't ask me why i remember that part out of all of them

Kressel Housman As a child, it was the "SOME PIG" moment, but I remember agreeing with Mrs. Zuckerman that it was the spider and not the pig that was unusual.

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Angelina C. Hansen Charlotte's explanation of why spiders are important and how much good they do. I haven't killed a spider in over 30 years.

Natalie Angelina C. wrote: "Charlotte's explanation of why spiders are important and how much good they do. I haven't killed a spider in over 30 years."

Really? i kill a spider every day... just because they do so much doesn't mean they're allowed in my house.

Cheryl So take the spiders out of your house, don't kill them.

The part I remember is the begining. I was a farm kid - I didn't understand how Fern got attached to the piglet. She would've known he was destined to be bacon.

Still, I love the story, as a fable.

aPriL does feral sometimes Charlotte's death, which brought tears.

Sally Charlotte's dying I cried. How wonderful Wilbur felt when everyone thought him special. Templeton the rat, he was just so much a rat

MizziQ The very beginning when Fern was looking out the window and realizing that the pig was going to be killed. I don't know I remember that so much even though that hardly has anything to do with the main story. Go figure (except that Wilbur survived. lol)

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Ashlee Charbonneau I am definitely on Natalie's side about the spiders. Sorry, there are PLENTY of spiders around, I don't think it's a huge deal if the 3-4 I find in my house throughout the year meet an untimely death.

My favorite part of the book was also the "SOMEPIG" moment. It's what sticks in my mind every time I think about this story. Such a classic book, I cannot wait to read it to my own children some day!

1luvbooks The end, with all the baby spiders, and when the pig (wilbur I think, it's been so long) Goes to the fair with Charlotte.

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Cas i haven't read that in a while, but i really did love the part where the spider first makes mesages in her web.

Sammi I haven't read this book in a few years, but the part I remember and adore the most is when charlotte first talks to wilbur. it's my favourite part of the book (:

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Pinchy I don't know why, but my favorite part is when he's bathed in buttermilk to be showcased at the fair.

This is my absolute favorite book from childhood.

Natalie Ashlee wrote: "I am definitely on Natalie's side about the spiders. Sorry, there are PLENTY of spiders around, I don't think it's a huge deal if the 3-4 I find in my house throughout the year meet an untimely dea..."

Dude thank you! Spiders only live for so long anyways

Willi I remember feeling, as a child,that a friend is as Charlotte.Doing amazing things and letting a friend take the credit humbly.For Charlotte, it was all about Wilbur.Her love was for him was unique.It was a lesson for me in what friendship is!

Nathan The last paragraph of the book. You'll be hard pressed to find a more moving few sentences in any piece of literature. I read this book at least once a year. It's good for a feel-good afternoon.

Kressel Housman Just saw this one while browsing in a bookstore: The Story of Charlotte's Web. It's a bio of E.B. White with particular focus on the period in which he wrote this, his most famous and successful work.

MizziQ That sounds neat! I didn't ABSULUTELY love the book but I really like Bios. Thanks!

Dominique HUMBLE :)

Cheryl I think Dominique is answering the original question - the part she remembers best is when the word "HUMBLE" was used.

MizziQ ah okay. That clears it up. ty

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this was a good book i liked all of it

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Julia i remember when charlotte 1st wrote some pig in her web

Dominique Humble:)

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My father read this book to me at bedtime when I was in the 2nd grade. I loved the book until we got to the part about Charlotte's death and her baby spiders. I started crying hysterically (I wasn't the type of kid to cry and be dramatic) and screamed, "I killed Charlotte" over and over again. My father tried to convince me that I hadn't killed Charlotte. Through my sobs, I explained I had asked him to kill spiders before. I'd killed Charlotte!! My father did not walk but ran to get my mother to deal with me and my tears!

MizziQ Awwwww... :(

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This was such a cute book but its sad!!

Kressel Housman Totally awesome audio book review of THE STORY OF CHARLOTTE'S WEB:

✿Sandra The wonderful friendship between Charlotte and Wilbur.

Kathleen Charlotte's babies.

QueenAmidala28 Where do I begin? My second grade teacher Mrs. Wallace went above and beyond to make this book special to me! She got a box of silkworms so we could see how sticky webs were, a dozen chicken eggs in an incubator so we could watch the chicks hatch, and even a piglet named Wilbur that came for an hour or so on Fridays to give us something to chase after sitting/reading for so long.(The pig was later turned over to a local farm that kept him for other show and tells). So basically Mrs Wallace literally brought Charlotte's Web to life for me.

✿Sandra QueenAmidala28 wrote: "Where do I begin? My second grade teacher Mrs. Wallace went above and beyond to make this book special to me! She got a box of silkworms so we could see how sticky webs were, a dozen chicken eggs i..."

What a great experience! It's too bad school doesn't allow for this type of learning anymore.

Sarah I remember reading it long into the night when I was 8. My mother came in to check on me and saw my reading light on as I devoured the book. I also remember the ache in my throat when Charlotte died. Truly a great book for all ages.

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Abby Nim I remember Fern being determined to save Wilbur from his death. I also remember the amazing friendship of Wilbur and Charlotte. Most of all I remember that this book is about friendship and that friends can be anyone.

Kristen Beautiful audio book reading by EB White. Just read his biography- check it out!

Brendan Carroll I just bought this book for my granddaughter. I want to read it to her given the chance. I remember how scared I was as a kid that the pig would be sent to market. LOL

Helen Aistrop I remember seeing the animation at school just before we broke up for the christmas hols. Most of the girls like myself was crying most of the way through it. We were younger then 10 from what I remember. hat same Christmas my friend got it as a present and for months it sat on her shelves unread until I asked her mum if I could borrow it on another school holiday a couple of months later. The book was even better then the film. I've since bought a dvd of the film I watched and watched it with my own kids. My little girl 7 now wants her own copy of the book so I can read it to her lol

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Savanah Charlotte's dying.. I had to read this again for a college class and it still made me ball my eyes out.

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Anna I remember when Wilbur was a piglet and I used to adore reading that part because he was so doggone adorable and made me wish I had a white piglet.

Lynne This was also my favorite book when I was a child. A few people had mentioned the last paragraph of the book, so I had to go get my original copy and read it again after at least 30 years. I agree. I actually got a little choked up after reading that paragraph. Who knew after all these years I would still feel so much for this book. I think I will read itagain.

Steve I remember when Fern and Henry are swinging from a giant rope swing in the barn-a seemingly very dangerous activity. And then the books goes a little off and says how kids are naturally so much more capable than grown-up give them credit for, especially when it comes to dangerous things. That one page might have changed how I parent my own kids.

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