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message 1: by Joey (new)

Joey (joeyfoto) | 187 comments Mod
Please sign in once you have obtained your copy of WWE (World Without End)

message 2: by Amy (new)

Amy Hi everyone. I've got it and am on page 75. It starts with a bit of a mystery, just like Pillars of the Earth did. Already has me wondering.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I was really excited to get mine and start reading you have just added to that!

message 4: by Joey (new)

Joey (joeyfoto) | 187 comments Mod
I got my copy in the way home from work.. $35 price tag.. luckily I have the "books a million" member discount (40% off) it was only $21!

message 5: by Sara (new)

Sara | 65 comments Mod
I'm sitting this one out....enjoy!

message 6: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy (gojerome) | 14 comments I don't have the money to buy books all the time right now, but I work at a library. I put my name on the reserve list for it, so as soon as the person brings it back, I'll get to it, it's due next week, so hopefully they'll bring it back soon. I also put my name on the CD audio list incase that comes back before the book, I guess that tells you how popular this book is!

message 7: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia (cissygold) I have started reading the new book for my off line book club, so I will not pick up WWE until this weekend. If I find that I am too far behind I may sit this one out too.


message 8: by Amy (new)

Amy Cecilia, what are you reading for your off line group? BTW, I agree- The Thirteenth Tale is one of the better books I read this year.

message 9: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia (cissygold) We are reading the Expected One by Kathleen McGowan.

It is another Mary Magdalene Line book. I read it about two years ago, but I want to read it again for our discussion. It is a very good book. There is a surprise ending, but it comes in the author's notes.

It is suppose to be the first book in a trilogy but I have not heard of a second book coming anytime soon.


message 10: by Sara (new)

Sara | 65 comments Mod
Ok, I lied...

I ordered the book today, hopefully I'll have it by the beginning of next week.

message 11: by Joey (new)

Joey (joeyfoto) | 187 comments Mod
glad that your going to read it with us Sara!

message 12: by Lynzee (new)

Lynzee (Lynzee43) | 61 comments Mod
So, I d/led the audio and figured I'd listen to that as others read along. Joey and I were discussing this yesterday and we'll compare how that works out. Maybe this will be an option for others if it works out well. I'll keep you up dated once I've started(Unfortunately won't be till Sunday or Monday).

message 13: by Rachel (last edited Feb 15, 2008 09:53AM) (new)

Rachel (wildhoney) I will be "reading" this book through a combo of audio and actual reading. I did this with POTE which was 40 hours of audio. I was able to continue the story during my commute and doing tasks like feeding the dogs or shoveling. Then when it was my "reading" time I usually read along with the narrator. Each day I'd update my bookmark in the book according to the chapter I was on. Sometimes I'd read ahead and then fast forward to catch up to the correct spot. I am able to get through books faster this way :)

For the record, I have already obtained the audio version of the book and the hard-cover has been shipped. I expect it early next week.

message 14: by Cecilia (last edited Feb 19, 2008 07:16PM) (new)

Cecilia (cissygold) I do the same thing. I love hearing the names, places and things pronounced correctly and the voice inflections. I think I get a better feel for the time period and book.

But I have to admit I read faster than the audio so I get frustrated and give up on it and just start plowing through the book on my own once I have got hooked.

message 15: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy (gojerome) | 14 comments I hope to have the cd and book also. I think it is the only way I will be able to read this book. I am a very slow reader, so I'll let someone else do it for me, hehe.

message 16: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia (cissygold) My dog loves audio books. If it weren't for them he would have to suffer through long periods of time without walks. :)

message 17: by CS (new)

CS (chrisubus) Hi! Mind if I join you all? A friend just introduced me to goodreads and this would be my first group.

I love to read in general but I recently became addicted to - all because of POTE! I just started WWE and I'm enjoying it already.

message 18: by Sara (new)

Sara | 65 comments Mod
Mine finnnnally came in the mail today...probably start reading it tonight either at work or after work.

And I'll be listening to it on my way to my parents this weekend! Yay!

message 19: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildhoney) I got my book in the mail yesterday - yeah! I will probably start it sometime early next week. May start the audiobook this weekend.

message 20: by Kim (new)

Kim my copy today. Started reading and am on page 17. Wow it is a bit daunting! I guess my family will just have to fend for themselves!

message 21: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy (gojerome) | 14 comments I finally got my copy, so I'll hopefully have it done in time. I'm a slow reader, but I think I can read it in time. Hope everyone likes the book. Happy Reading!

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