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((Harry Potter roleplay.)))

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Alex was sitting in an empty classroom, practicing magic, even though he was supposed to be in class.

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Hailey was on her way to favorite class of them all, Defence Against the Dark Arts. Even though she didn't get to learn all that much there, since she already knew most of what was being taught, she enjoyed it. She usually just read after class once she had finished homework, so she could go ahead of the class and learn more.

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As Hailey was walking the grounds, she noticed an empty classroom. Or at least, it was supposed to be empty. There was one single student in the room, practacing magic by himself.

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Alex lifted a desk, and started moving it around the room. He didn't notice Hailey.

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Lily saw Alex and her heart started beating really fast.

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Alex dropped the desk, and created a Patronus. It was a raven.

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Lily went over to Alex and said,"Can you teach me how to do that."

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"The Patronus? I guess... We were supposed to learn in 3rd year Defense Against the Dark Arts..." Alex said.

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"I know but I can't understand that teacher ever." Lily said.

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"Okay." Alex said. "Take out your wand."

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"Can I learn too?" Hailey said.

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"Everyone can learn." Alex said. "It just takes time and practice."

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"Thanks," Hailey responded.

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"First, you have to think of something that makes you happy. Then, you say 'Expecto Patronum.'" Alex said.

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Hailey thought of her grades. She had always made her parents proud with them. It was one of the few happy things she had with her friend situation. "Expecto Patronum!" Hailey said with as much force as possible.

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"Hm... You don't have to be so forceful. Like this: Expecto Patronum." Alex said, creating another raven. "If you do it right, an animal will come out of your wand. It's for protection."

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Musical♥Writer (musicalwriter) | 32 comments ((so we don't have to make characters?))

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((Yes you do))

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Hailey spoke sweetly, trying not to put out too much force. "Expecto Patronum." A pheonix emerged from the charm gracefully.

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"Good." Alex said. "Really good. It takes most people a long time. I got mine on the first try. I'm just different, I guess. But that's good. Try to do it again."

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"Expecto Patronum." Hailey repeated. Her pheonix didn't fly quite as far or as strong, but it still emerged gracefully.

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"Not as good as last time, but still good." Alex said.

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"Thanks for teaching me!" Hailey exclaimed.

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Lily thought of the happiest thought she could. She took her wand and said,"Expecto Patronum." A penguin emerged and waddled over to Alex.

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((Patronium? lol))

"Good. I guess you should both have learned it a few years ago, but still..." Alex said.

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"Thankz Alex." Lily smiled.

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"So why are you in here anyway?" Hailey asked

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"Yeah... You're welcome. Um... I never go to class. Except for Defense Against the Dark Arts." Alex said.

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"Well, I usually go to my other classes, but I guess I was meant to skip this one. I will probably get a howler tomorrow. My parents always hear about these things. I guess they think I am perfect. I love Defence Against the Dark Arts class. But unfortunately, I just missed it. Oh well, this was much more exciting! My teacher won't care. I wouldn't have done anything there anyway," Hailey responded in one big blob of words. "Sorry, I talk alot don't I?"

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"Yeah, I guess." Alex said.

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"Well, I guess I will see you around school then?" Hailey asked, hoping he would say yes.

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lily laughed

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"Um... Sure. What are you laughing at?" Alex asked.

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Musical♥Writer (musicalwriter) | 32 comments ((Where are you all?))

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((In an empty classroom.))

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Musical♥Writer (musicalwriter) | 32 comments ((ill just walk down the hall and hear people inside? is that ok?))

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((fine with me))

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Musical♥Writer (musicalwriter) | 32 comments Quin had just come back from quiditch practice, and was walking down the hall when Filch came around the corner, she wasn't supposed to be in this corridor, so she ducked into the nearest classroom

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Musical♥Writer (musicalwriter) | 32 comments ((The one ur all in))

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Lily saw Quin enter the room.

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"Another one?" Alex asked.

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Musical♥Writer (musicalwriter) | 32 comments Quin turned to see the room she had taken as refuge, and realized she was not the only one in there. "Oh, sorry. I didn't know anyone was in here." she said "What are you doing?"

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"Its fine."

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"Messing with magic." Alex said.

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Musical♥Writer (musicalwriter) | 32 comments Quin smiled, "Can I join you? Or am I 'too young'?" she said sarcastically, thats what her mom and all the oldere kids liked to say, 'your too young' ugh

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"I don't really care." Alex said. "What year are you?"

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Musical♥Writer (musicalwriter) | 32 comments "Fourth." ((I changed it so she was fourth))

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"Fourth? Do you know the Patronus charm? You should have learned it in your 3rd year, though I learned it in my 2nd..." Alex said. "Yeah, you always were the best." A voice said.

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"Hey, Alice." Alex said. Alice walked into the room. "Wow. You've made some friends, huh?" She asked, smiling.

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