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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > novel about doctor whose daughter was murdered, involves cloning (?) and artifical insemination [s]

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Anna Marie (imageist) | 2 comments This is the most I remember of the novel (I could have remembered it wrong):

The story is about a man whose daughter had been murdered and the main suspect is a boy the daughter knew. When checked for rape, there was evidence that suggested she had been violently raped before being murdered. Truth was she was actually seeing a guy and liked rough sex. She had had sex with him in a changing room where she worked not long before her murder. This is revealed at the end by the real murderer, the boy's clone(?), who had been stalking the girl.

The father of the murdered daughter is a doctor or something like that who works in a sperm bank or with artificial insemination. Years ago, he had secretly used DNA from someone that he wasn't supposed to use to artifically inseminate a woman (his wife? the same woman from a previous artifical insemination?). The child produced from this was a boy who was the same age or near in age (though younger) as the daughter and her boyfriend.

The truth revealed at the end is that the boy who went to jail (and maybe was sentenced to death?) for the daughter's rape and murder was actually innocent. Evidence of violent sex was because they were seeing each other. She was murdered not long afterwards by the boy who was artifically inseminated (I think?) as a way for him to get back at the doctor, who discovered that he was artifically inseminated and discovered who his real father was. Somehow he had the same DNA as the boyfriend (so somehow he was the clone, I think?), so he was the one who planted evidence on her body to convict the boyfriend. He murdered the daughter to get back at the doctor, I'm not 100% sure why...

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Anna Marie (imageist) | 2 comments YESS!!!! This is it!!! Thank you so much!!! Thank god for collective memory!

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