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DawnMarie The book is great. Do you think it could improve? I love Aislinn... so strong and makes mistakes just like everyone.

Brittany I like Aislinn alot! Oh and I totally envy her *Hint hint Seth hint hint* She is strong, independent and she can fight her own battles. Also it would be fun to be her if the story was true *hint hint Seth hint hint Seth=hottie hint hint*

Ruby lol yeah i loved the books, aka seth, ink exchange ill admit was a bit strange. have u read it?

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Evee I read it and i LOVED it!

Jennifer Personally for me Seth saved the book. I don't know about everyone else but the whole Keenan needing a Queen and having to put hundreds of girls through that test was really creepy to me!

A. Vampire Queen. I love Seth, I h8 what Keenan put all those girl through but it is really Beira's fault

Mariaa it couldve been better i reckon and i dont like seth :L

Torie I thought 'Wicked Lovely' was pretty fun to read. I haven't read any of the sequels yet; what do you all think of them??

percabeth it was ok, i thought it was a bit confusing because of all the characters' POV but the last book brought it all in together.

Jennifer I havn't read any of the sequels either but I'm thinking about just reading #3 and #5 because I don't like sequels that are about other characters than the main ones.

Mariaa i read book 1 and half of book too, and i was bored so i stopped reading the series

Veronica I read book 1, but dint like it so dint finish the series.

Mariaa yer true they are pretty boring

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I read book one and I was going to read book two when I found out there were different main characters, which I found disappointing so I haven't carried on with the series.

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Kimi Yeah I really feel you all... When you switch between point of views too much. It gets confusing and throws things off. I read the whole series and certain parts were boring but overall the series was okay. I really love the king of the dark court or whatever it was called. I haven't read the books since last year I think. I thought it was pretty good. I definitely didn't care too much for the second book. Way too depressing. It was a downer but the rest were fine. =)

Rebecca Book 2 wasnt that good but the series does get better. I really like this series and the covers are amazing!

Torie @Rebecca; The covers are definitely cool-looking!!

Rebecca My favorite is the first one

Michelle Boquist I enjoyed the strong female character Aislinn. I'm tired of these love triangles. The mysterious, gorgeous other-worldly males that carry the young girls away and they thank them for it. I loved that Aislinn isn't interested in the Summer King. I love that she accepts the role and fantasy, but takes her reality with it. Good Read and worth recommending to my adolescent students.

Marline All the books are good, atleast to me, none of them were boring they each just had a different essence. I'd recomend it to anyone in need of something new to read, and all in all I read the whole series and I think it's awesome and the last book left me hangin

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