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I know everyone has heard of it, but just in case you haven't...

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=== | 619 comments OH OH!!!
can I give the summary?!

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Yeah, sure. But mine first:

A gay schoolkid finds a notebook and kills people with it, with the help of a demon from another world who likes apples. A sugar addict who never shows his face tells a bunch of men to meet him in a hotel room so they can capture this gay boy, and later another demon kills the sugar addict, so another gay boy and a baby are replacements for the sugar addict, but the chocolate-loving gay boy joins the mafia instead. The first gay boy gives his notebook to a psycho who yells 'Delete' a lot, and also gets help from a famous model who happens to be in love with him (and she doesn't realize he's gay) and later the psycho calls the gay boy God so the police find out who he is, the stupid one shoots him, the apple loving demon kills him with a notebook and it's over.

Okay, Keeah, you give a summary that actually sounds good, now. Make it good, much better than mine, 'cause DEATH NOTE IS THE BEST ANIME EVER INVENTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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LungHuo* 龍火 * | 39 comments I try too.
The mainchar, Light, is the best student in his year. But he's also very bored. One day he find a book on the ground and he takes it home. There he looked at it more accurate: the book title was DEATH NOTE and on the first page were instructions how to use this book. He only had to write a name in it and know the face of the person with this name and would die after 30 seconds. He could also write how the person should die. Light decides to test this on a criminal who took a school hostage. Light sees that in the TV and also he sees the face of the hostage-taker. 30 seconds after he writes the name into the Death Note the man dies. That was also the day when Light meet Ryuk, a shinigami(japanese death-god). Ryuk tells him that this Death Note belongs to him and that he droped it because he was bored and wanted to see what a human would do with it. Since then Ryuk stays with Light, espacially because of the apples. The ones he has in the underworld werelike sand.
Light decides to clean the world. He wants to be a God and to kill all criminals. The population soon called him Keerah, because noone knows who the mystirious murderer is.
After the first incidents a person who calls himself "L" gathers some detectives, also Light's father is among them, to catch Keerah.

I dun want to tell anymore because if someone wants to watch it or read it, he dun want to know the end^^.

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1) It's Kira, not Keerah.
2) Good review, though...
3) How do you have a DN review without metioning Near? :(

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 39 comments 1) the one who made subtitles i saw wrote keerah, if it's not that, sry^^
2) thx
3) who is Near again?

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Near is the investigator with white hair, who sits and plays with toys his whole life. He was the replacement L, and he caught Kira. And he had robots. ROBOTS! How do you forget that? ROBOTS!!!

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 39 comments K sry i didn't watch the whole series ^^, i watched it when there were only a few episodes with subtitles, so i didn't get to see her/him.

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ROBOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! JK... I just wached it in english dub, after reading the manga... And watching it subbed... I've probably seen and read everything that is official DN stuff, except for Another Note...


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That's all you put? You forgot Near too! ROBOTS! XD

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=== | 619 comments oh yeah

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=== | 619 comments there

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=== | 619 comments XD

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=== | 619 comments ik, is it dubb or subb?

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=== | 619 comments omg look closly at da pic, i see
Ed, Al, Roy, Sakura, Iachigo, shugari. who do u guys see?

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Kiku  Honda | 931 comments Mod
death note!!!!

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=== | 619 comments orahemai! i just saw her!

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LungHuo* 龍火 * | 39 comments Sora and Mugen are also there^^

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=== | 619 comments who r those people?

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 39 comments Sora the main char from Kingdom Hearts and Mugen from Samurai champloo

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=== | 619 comments ah

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 39 comments there's also the girl from samurai champloo but i dun remember her name -_-

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 39 comments Father Abel Nightroad!!!

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=== | 619 comments ok...............
i think i see rengi

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 39 comments Rocko!!!

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=== | 619 comments roco?

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 39 comments k then Roco.... -.-

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Kiku  Honda | 931 comments Mod
IZ FULLMETAL LCHEMIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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=== | 619 comments ok post it then!

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Kiku  Honda | 931 comments Mod

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click on pic
click on html
ctrl C
ctrl V on gdreads

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Keeah wrote: "omg look closly at da pic, i see
Ed, Al, Roy, Sakura, Iachigo, shugari. who do u guys see?"

Detective Conan, Vash, the Fumoffu thing, Mugen, Light, Ed, Miroku, Rose(not FMA), Kaiba, Sora, Hiei, Sakura, TK, Ginji Amanou, Jet, Brock, Kenshin, Al...

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=== | 619 comments click!
Adopt one today!
Kean-san and kyoko-san

Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!
Chou San
Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!
Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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=== | 619 comments Justin wrote: "Keeah wrote: "omg look closly at da pic, i see
Ed, Al, Roy, Sakura, Iachigo, shugari. who do u guys see?"

Detective Conan, Vash, the Fumoffu thing, Mugen, Light, Ed, Miroku, Rose(not FMA), Kai..."

where is light, and jet frm avatar?

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No, I thought I saw Light. Never mind. Jet isn't from Avatar, he's from Cowboy Bebop. Or maybe it's Spike... I get the two of them mixed up.

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=== | 619 comments *laughs*

where is light thoe?

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I told you, never mind!!! I thought I saw him, I didn't! What are you, a robot? XD

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 39 comments how is this blue guy from Slayers called? i think i saw him ,too.

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Kiku  Honda | 931 comments Mod
light? hes not blue!!!!!!!!!!!!

LungHuo* 龍火 * | 39 comments not Light from deathnote!!!!

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=== | 619 comments yes, hes not blue..... wait- wht r we talkin about?

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