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Emily  O (readingwhilefemale) Oh goodness, I love DMB. Really. That man is a hero. I like the fusion style they have going on. It's like rock/jazz/alternative/whatever mix. They really are their own genre. You have to give them credit for doing their own thing. In that way they remind me of Bella Fleck and Pat Matheny.
I also really love the lyrics to their songs. So many of them hit home for me. Big Eyed Fish, Bartender, Ants Marching, Mother Father, Grace is Gone, Gray Street, Gravedigger, Lie in Our Graves... I could go on and on. The song writing is awesome.
And I like how each album has a good mix of slower, more soft rock work and then faster more crazy pumped up stuff. They mix shorter pieces with longer more instrumental pieces. I can listen to their whole discography and not get bored. That definitely says something.
So, in short, I love them.

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