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Books that would make great movies

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Servius  Heiner  | 80 comments Have you ever read a book that just blew you away? So much so that it would make a great movie. I recently finished “The nights Dawn trilogy” and think it would be great if they made a movie out of it…. More realistically a series like what HBO is talking about for “a Song of Ice and Fire”. I just don’t think you could cram the entire story into a move, probably not even two , 3 or 4. Not without ruining it anyway.

message 2: by Alison (last edited Feb 25, 2009 03:43AM) (new)

Alison Water for Elephants would make a fun movie...also possibly The Eyre Affair.

message 3: by Paul (new)

Paul Duncan (jpaulduncan) | 68 comments I vote for "The Foundation" books by Asimov. I can't imagine HOW they'd film them, but they were very cinematic to me.

Servius  Heiner  | 80 comments If they can pull off I Robot, then I am sure they can work up a suitable refrence for the rest. It comes down to motovation I think.

message 5: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa I always wanted to see the Alan Moore/Ian Gibson graphic novel trilogy "The Ballad of Halo Jones" made into a film. The whole war in the monster gravity of Moab would have been visually fantastic.

message 6: by Paul (new)

Paul Duncan (jpaulduncan) | 68 comments Well, I wouldn't say they "pulled off" I, Robot. Will Smith is great, but it was too Michael Bay for me.

I like my sci-fi to slow brew.

But that's me.

message 7: by Bonnie (new)

Bonnie I have 2...

"Boy's Life" by Robert McCammon, and "A Long Way to Go" by Borden Deal. I can't help it, I love the feel good movies.

message 8: by Cliff (new)

Cliff | 46 comments Boy's Life I read at least 4 times. Great book, would also make a great movie.

Servius  Heiner  | 80 comments I would like to see something to give justice to Beowulf. I have seen a few movies attempting it, but they always stray so far from the context that you can not call it Beowulf. I will not even comment on that abomination that was released recently.

message 10: by Cliff (new)

Cliff | 46 comments Speaking of elephants, there was a biography I read about Modoc The Greatest Elephant That Ever Lived" Based on the story of a circus performers son who is born the same time as an elephant. They both become the best of friends. It;s part biography, part adventure and the ending is a tear jerker.

message 11: by Craven (new)

Craven Lovelace To say they "pulled off" I, Robot is true -- if you live on Bizarro World. What they did to Asimov's book in that movie was positively criminal.

Personally, I think television has become a better medium than film for literary adaptation. A well-produced miniseries could give something as epic as the Foundation series the "breathing room" to work.

It's surprising no one has mentioned Spike Jonze's Adaptation, either as an amazing "adaptation" of a literary work (The Orchid Thief) or as a movie that definitely deserves a second (or third or fourth) watch.

message 12: by Paul (new)

Paul Duncan (jpaulduncan) | 68 comments I'd love to see the Foundation series produced on HBO, but I doubt anyone's got the balls to get it done. Every novel in that series is an epic.

I did find it a shame that Asimov eventually tied his robots into it. I thought the series stood so well on it's own without that.

But I digress.

I wasn't that fond of Adaptation, but the performances were great.

message 13: by Mimi (new)

Mimi | 9 comments I would have to say Wicked

Servius  Heiner  | 80 comments Wicked... You know that makes me kinda wanna see
"Lamb: the gospel according to Biff; Christ’s' childhood friend" That book was hysterical!

message 15: by Mark (new)

Mark I would like to see Saramago's Blindness adapted. I think it would work.

message 16: by Bree (new)

Bree Paul--if you like the foundation series i highly recommend the short story by Orson Scott Card called "The Originist" its in his Maps in the Mirror book. It is based on Asimov's world. It's one of my favorite stories.

message 17: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (dwell_ondreams) Sandman by Neil Gaiman. It would have to be done very, very carefully though, with a huge budget, fantastic actors & Neil Gaiman guiding them every step of the way. It could be a mini series or a series of full length films. Sandman is too epic to fit into a 2 hour movie.


message 18: by ScottK (new)

ScottK Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruis Zafon would make an excellent movie. 1800's Barecelona,old crumbling houses,The Cemetary of forgotten books,plus the burnt face man would all be rather welcomed additions to a movie theatre. I absolutley loved loved loved the book.

message 19: by ScottK (new)

ScottK Oh I forgot, The Meaning of Night by Michael Cox would also be a good one, I think it would tend to bog down a bit in the middle. Not that it wouldn't redeem itself by the end because it would, but it might be hard for some viewers to sit through.

message 20: by J.C. (new)


blindness is in post production. it stars Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo. scheduled for a 2008 release.

message 21: by Meridee (new)

Meridee | 7 comments My husband and I have been waiting for Dragonriders of Pern for forever!!!!

message 22: by Jim (new)

Jim (jim_) On The Road is supposed to come out in film one year. Momento was a good film, The Contortionist's Handbook would be a better movie.

message 23: by Sherry (new)

Sherry Blindness has already received poor reviews :( but I intend to see it anyway.It was an amazing book.

I just finished Cormac McCarthy's The Road another visual novel which with the right director could be made into a movie I would want to see.

message 24: by Jemir (new)

Jemir (authorjemirjohnson) | 5 comments Assassin's Quest by Robin Hobb would make a pretty cool film. But with the budget that may be needed to do it right I don't see how nervous investors don't force the studio to transform into a "Chronicles of Narnia" (the movie) rip off and make the story itself suffer for it.

Hi, by the way.

New to the site ...

my name's Jemir ...

plan to drop by very often. All the best to everyone reading this. :-)

message 25: by JHHK (new)

JHHK JHHK | 16 comments MWGQ by JHHK.

message 26: by April (new)

April (escapegal) | 41 comments Artemis Fowl

message 27: by Tom (new)

Tom | 5484 comments I'd like to see a good film made of J. G. Ballard's EMPIRE OF THE SUN, one that actually tried to capture something of Ballard's novel, instead of drowning the audience in a load of Spielbergian syrup.

message 28: by Sherry (new)

Sherry I've never read the Empire of the Sun but enjoyed the movie.Was the book that much better? May have to add it to my wishlist if that's the case.

message 29: by Tom (new)

Tom | 5484 comments Well, better is in the eye of the beholder, but Ballard's EMPIRE OF THE SUN is much darker, more painful and simply downright uglier than Spielberg's film. It really is a picture of the end of the world, in a way, and Spielberg just couldn't/wouldn't face what the book is really about.

message 30: by Crystal (new)

Crystal | 118 comments I loved this book called "The World on Blood" by Johnathon Nasaw. The entire time that I was reading this book, I could see the movie in my mind.

message 31: by Manuel (new)

Manuel | 469 comments I would love to see "Aztec" as a movie. I remember I read the monster novel years ago. It was one of those historic novels much in the same style as "Shogun"

I remember I really enjoyed viewing "Shogun" as a miniseries. Perhaps someone could do something similar with "Aztec"?

I remember the story revolves around a boy who grows up and becomes an official working for the Aztec emperors. He is also there to witness the confrontation with the Spanish and their eventualy conquest to his world.

message 32: by JHHK (new)

JHHK JHHK | 16 comments I would love an Aztec epic too! Maybe if HBO did it like Rome...

message 33: by Amy (new)

Amy | 58 comments I read a fun thriller type book called Bad Monkeys that I think would be a great movie - has plot twist on top of plot twist - very mind-boggling.

I agree that it would be great for Sandman to be a project - a very extended mini-series, preferably on HBO or Showtime, with Gaiman in COMPLETE control - it would be a shame for that to get messed up (I think that's his nightmare). In the same vein, it would be fun for the Fables series of graphic novels to be put into some sort of TV series - Fables isn't even finished yet, but there's so much action, seems like it would lend itself pretty well to TV (not so much a movie, as it would be cool for it to be extended).

Servius  Heiner  | 80 comments Im still waiting for "A Song of Ice and Fire" to join the HBO line up. There was a lot of talk about it last year but nothing has Come of it yet. bastards!

message 35: by Alex DeLarge (last edited Jun 21, 2008 03:18PM) (new)

Alex DeLarge | 851 comments Concerning Asimov's FOUNDATION trilogy, They'd cast Will Smith for another craptacular summer blockbuster. The books would have to be "dumbed down" to be successful movies. Sad really.

message 36: by Alex DeLarge (new)

Alex DeLarge | 851 comments DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? by Philip K Dick. I know, everyone is saying that it's already been filmed but that is not entirely true. BLADE RUNNER is my third favorite science-fiction film (behind Kubrick's 2001 & Tarkofsky's Solaris)but it is based upon the novel and dramatically deviates from the source material. I would like to see a more literal adaptation that includes the mood organ, Mercerism, the Empathy Box and Deckard's sex scene with the cold and inhuman Rachel Rosen.

Servius  Heiner  | 80 comments I think Sci-Fi is really left in the wind, I am so sick of "bad" sci-fi movies. Done right and I think Peter F. Hamilton’s "Reality dysfunction" series would make a great movie franchise. If they stuck to the story.

message 38: by Jim (last edited Jun 21, 2008 05:02PM) (new)

Jim (jim_) Alex, I can appreciate your comments about DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP. I can't recall that many differences. I do remember a few more details about why you had to be a certain IQ to get off planet earth, specific details about Dekkard's wife. Kudos to the film version of "A Scanner Darkly", not a great representative of the book, but a great effort. Anyway, I think most all of Phillip Dick's "better" stories like "The World Jones Made", "Flow My Tears, The PoliceMan Said" and "The Man In The High Castle" should be made into film.

message 39: by Alex DeLarge (new)

Alex DeLarge | 851 comments You're absolutely right. The current crop of science-fiction is space opera or action oriented dreck. Have you read Harlan Ellison's screenplay for I, ROBOT? Then compare to the vomitous mass spewed forth from Hollywood.

message 40: by Margaret (new)

Margaret | 15 comments Locked In by Michael Esposito would make an excellent movie it's a medical thriller that takes lots of twist and turns.

 R♥ A♥ I♥ N♥ B♥ O♥ W♥ Z! (rainbowdorks) | 18 comments Coroline....god theres soo many, i cant think of some

message 42: by Manuel (new)

Manuel | 469 comments Zarafa:I think would make a fun movie.

I read this charming book a few years ago. It doesnt deal with anything earth shattering or deeply profound.

Its the story of the first Giraffe to appear in France since the fall of the Roman Empire.

In our modern age of the internet, movies and magazines its hard to imagine not knowing what most of the world's animals look like. Now imagine its 1830 and the Viceroy of Egypt wants to present a gift to King Charles X of France.

I think this would make a wonderful movie. The giraffe was first captured in Sudan and then transported up the Nile on a barge to Cairo. The giraffe was then formally presented to the French government and shipped to Marseilles (along with a few young Egyptian boys to feed her)

The book describes the sheer hysteria and delight of French farmers tending their fields and orchards and encoutering this bizzare beast with the long neck and unique coloring.
Suddenly huge crowds are following the animal across the countryside, business in the cities comes to a halt because everyone wants to see the fantastic beast.

By the time the giraffe arrives in Paris two months later, it is a sensation. Huge crowds are coming to the zoo. Suddenly fashionable women are wearing giraffe prints and wearing their eye lashes jet black and three times as long.

message 43: by Amy (new)

Amy | 58 comments The Blind Assassin would be absolutely awesome if they did it right. The real issue would be the mystery/surprise in the book, so you'd probably have to have 2 or 3 actresses for Iris and 2 for Laura. Maybe have Judi Dench as Iris in the present day? And I'm not sure who when Iris and Laura are young - that would be the tricky part. But it could be a sweeping epic/romance if handled correctly.

message 44: by Sherry (new)

Sherry Manuel, that does sound interesting.Though I checked the book reviews and they weren't all that positive.

message 45: by Manuel (last edited Jun 24, 2008 12:38PM) (new)

Manuel | 469 comments Its a non fiction story and I still think visually it would make a charming movie to see what happens when people see this beautiful animal walking through the French countryside for the first time.
It would also be interesting to see what the Egyptian stable boys think of France in 1830. Some of them stayed the rest of their lives.

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

The Orson Welles film of The Trial was pretty good. I'd be very happy to see a similar treatment given to The Castle.

message 47: by Rachel (new)

Rachel i LOVE "the blind assassin". it's my absolute favorite book. one of the women in my book club said someone bought the rights for it, but i'm not sure. like you, i wonder how they would keep it all a surprise. i think, however, i would cast judi dench in the role of winifred. she could totally pull off that snooty, pretending kindness.

message 48: by Liz (new)

Liz (hissheep) Skeletons at the Feast by Chris Bohjalian would be hard to watch, but definitely an important reminder of the past (Holocaust) and the present (Darfur) man's inhumanity to man!

message 49: by Marc (new)

Marc (authorguy) | 325 comments I'd like to say my own. I will say that Bujold's "Miles in Love" omnibus would make a great trilogy.

message 50: by Phillip (last edited Aug 29, 2008 08:27AM) (new)

Phillip | 10781 comments Mike,

Hey, fancy meeting you here!

I liked Welles' version of the Trial, and yeah, it would be great (but much more difficult) to realize The Castle on film.

I saw that a few people put Memento on this list...was it a book? I liked the film quite a lot, but was annoyed that the basic premise of the film was stolen from Malone, by Samuel Beckett.

I recently finished Against the Day, the new Thomas Pynchon novel. If someone could bring that to the But it would cost much too much to make, and I doubt that anyone (save Kubrick) could bring all of the humor AND pathos to the screen.

And Amy! Nice to see you here as well. I've never read the Blind Assasin, but have heard great things about it. There are all those Zatoichi, the blind Samurai - films...some of those are fantastic, some are real mud in your eye.

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