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1. For those who haven’t read The Jetstream of Success, what is it about?

A: The book offers you the framework to become a student of your own history. It helps you to redefine yourself and as a result, your future. Life is meant to be a synchronistic journey of achieving your dreams. We need to define and quantify our processes of achieving success. The Jetstream of Success will school you in a vast range of awareness and frame very strong criteria to measure your intellectual processes against; allowing you to reinvent yourself more conducive to your success.

2. What inspired you to write it?

A: My basic finding in life is that people prove to be their own worst enemies. Learning how to self-evaluate and mitigate risk, while evaluating economic principles, is what allowed me to free myself of my limitations and engage myself in a broader spectrum. With The Jetstream of Success I am offering others the platform to do the same.

3. The Jetstream of Success is an interesting title; tell me why you chose to call it that?

A: It was inspired by the literal jet streams, which is a narrow band of powerful air currents, that circulate the globe several miles above the earth. In aviation, pilots strive to reach the heights of these jet streams so that they can utilise the power of these air currents to almost transform and exceed the airplanes capabilities. Just like these powerful currents of air, The Jetstream of Success can assist the reader in exceeding their limitations, reach further than the tangible and continuously discover new realms of possibility.

4. How do you live the philosophy of The Jetstream of Success?

A: By becoming a student of my own history. Raising my awareness in acumen and aptitude of knowing what’s required of me. I use criteria to identify whether the qualities I exhibit, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, are conducive to live a fuller life. I find a lot of stillness in gratitude, and that dilutes the turbulence of everyday life and allows me to factor in intellectual processes.

5. Tell me about yourself, what did you do before writing The Jetstream of Success?

A: I am an entrepreneur and investor, residing between Cape Town and San Francisco. I established my business framework and intellectual processes within the South African business arena and have since been visionary in identifying highly profitable investments and other opportunities on a global scale.

6. What interests you?

A: People, Health, Fitness and Business

7. Who has inspired you in your life, who do you most admire?

A: People have always been my source of inspiration, which has allowed me to discover a world within myself, and beyond my world.
People I admire are some of life’s super achievers, people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. In fact I am working on a second book called Intellectual Diamond which unpacks their strategic thinking using The Jetstream philosophies.

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