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In cloudsdale

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Their pizza came

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(YAY :D)

Maple smiled "Thankyou" she said to Max

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"Are you going to pay?" Maximus joked

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"Of course" she smiled, kissing him on the cheek.

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"I'm just kidding" he smiled " you don't have too"

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"I know" she giggled "I help" she smiled

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" do want some pepperoni on that?"

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"Sure" she smiled.

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(kay bye0

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MAple's wings disappeared along with Maximus "Whaa?" she said then she got spiks information.

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Riverbelle flew in. She landed with a flop on the ground. "Huh?" she never fell. she looked behind her, same old cutie mark, same old body, WHAT?? her wings weren't there! Riverbelle panicked. "Im dying!!!"

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"escuse me but you arn't" she said shyly "A evil pony has created a weapon so we lose pur wings and unicorn lose their jorns..." she said

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Maple said sighing "Earth pony are going to get her."

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*opens door* " Anybody in here I need a pepperoni pizza!" Exclaims Froggie

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"Hello" Maple smiled at Froggie.

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"Hi, can I have a large pepperoni pizza please!" Yells froggie quickly in a rush.

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"I don't work here" she said shrugging "sorry"

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