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This is probably one of the most romantic looking places in Orcas but it serves for more uses than one. There is a legend here about a mermaid who saved a sailer. and brought him to this beach. legend has it that whomever comes across this beach will hear the voice of the mermaid. People normally to surf.

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Coletta had that ever-growing itch once again. The one that pushed her towards the voice and not the song. The one that caused her to want to sing for the purpose of singing, not to attract any sailors. So she sat within the center of the sea, perched on the group of rocks that gathered near the small island. Staring out into the water, Coletta shut her eyes and parted her lips, preparing herself for the song.

"May it be an evening star. Shines upon you. May it be as darkness falls, your heart will be true. You walk a lonely road, oh, how far you are from home."

The words came so easy to her as her voice rang out over the waves. Smiling at the sun, Coletta continued the song all alone.

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Erin flinched slightly as Mick accidentally got a few pieces of hair in the tie. "Ouch! Mick!" She whined, reaching back and pulling the hair out. Erin was very tender headed; even the slightest pull made her want to cry. She smiled at him, unable to see a stinking thing. "Mick. Its so dark under here." She muttered, wanting to pull down the tie and peak. But she didn't. Mick wanted to surprise her, so she would let him. The road became bumpy and annoying as they drove along. Where were they going? "Can I take it off now?" She asked, getting impatient. Mick knew she was not patient, so this was good for her. She got to practice.

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Temperance Mick tried not to give an exasperated sigh as he worked to fix the situation. He loved a lot of things about Erin; the sensitivity thing with her hair could be annoying, but for her, he would work with it. "That's the whole idea, babe." he said smugly as he turned down main street. After another ten minutes, he turned off the paved street and onto the bumpy, dirt road leading to the cove. "Not yet." he said with a smirk as Erin's trademark impatience made an appearance. "Just a few more minutes." he promised as he pulled into the parking lot. "Hold on one second." he said as he killed the ignition and hopped out. He popped the trunk and pulled the basket out. He had stocked it with all of her favorites: pumpkin pie, raspberries, potato salad, deviled eggs, and grilled chicken. In the picnic spot, he had a checkered blanket, like the one that they had on Lady and the Tramp; Kitty had searched three stores top to bottom for it. Link had helped him string up fairy lights, when he wasn't pelting his best friend with fallen apples. Well, now was the moment of truth. He opened the car door, carefully grabbing her hand. "You ready?"

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Erin batted His hands away, not wanting him to touch her hair. It was sore now...and she just kind of didn't want him to touch it anymore. "Its good. I can't see." She promised, trying to buckle her seat belt. She couldn't see anything! As time ticked on, she was bored and totally impatient. "We there yet?" She asked for what felt like the millionth time. Really it was only the second. She was doing good for once, the complaining about waiting down to a minium. She didn't want to annoy him already. "We are here?" She asked excitedly, reaching blindly for his hand. "Where did you go?" She asked, trying to walk on her own. "Where am I supposed to go?" she asked, stumbling forward. Then, she finally felt the familiar comfort of his hand slipping into hers. Heck yes she was ready. "Yeah!" She said with a grin, holding on his hand tightly as she stumbled along. "This is so hard...I am so glad I am not blind," She said honestly, nearly tripping over another rock. "I don't know how they do it!" It was amazing really. She couldn't imagine not being able to see things. That would be....awful.

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Temperance Mick rolled his eyes as he shut her door and walked over to his side of the car. "Awesome. At least that's working." He had to smoother his laughter as Erin got more and more impatient. Despite the annoyance it brought everyone else, he thought it was kind of cute. "Not yet." he said, for what had to be for the fifth time as they made their way down the dirt road. He was proud of his girlfriend; she hadn't complained as much as he would have. After he opened the trunk, Erin had pushed her door open and stumbled out. Snickering quietly, Mick called out, "Babe, I'm by the trunk. Give me one second." Once he had a good grip on the basket and the blanket, he slammed the trunk shut and strode over to his girlfriend. Grabbing her hand with his free one, he carefully led her down to the beach. "So am I." he said as she nearly ran into him, again. "Ok, babe, why don't we make this easier. I'll give you a piggy back ride there." he stooped down, guiding his shorter girlfriend to where she needed to be. Once she had settled onto his back, he stood, wrapping his arms around her legs, and set off. Though he would never admit this in a million years, he kind of felt like Luke carrying Yoda through the swamp. After 5 minutes of hiking. He finally made it to their spot. After kneeling so Erin could get down, he asked Erin to wait, and keep her blindfold on, while he set up. Mick spread the blanket out and set the picnic basket on the edge. He flicked the lights on before taking a step back. "You can take it off." he said, a bit nervously. Mick flipped his hair back as he waited. "Well, what do you think?"

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Erin was determined to walk over to him, so when she heard him say he was at the trunk, she immediately began stumbling over there. Finally she felt his warn hand slip into hers, and she was proud, and totally convinced that she had made it to the trunk, when that was far from the truth. She probably had stumbled three feet in the wrong direction. After two minuets of stumbling around Erin was pretty sure that Mick was done. He confirmed her suspicions when he volunteered to give her a piggy back ride. "You sure mick?" She asked blindly, holding on tightly to his hand. This was so dangerous! Oh my gosh! She thought, the fear and frustration written across her face. What little of her face you could see. She felt him get down in front of her, but it was hard to get on his back because number one, she couldn't see and number two, she was wearing a skirt. These were two very complicated variables to the equation. Finally, she got on, and was successfully piggy back ridding on her boyfriends back. She had to hold on very tight however, because she was so short and small, it must havr felt like carrying a stuffed animal...you have to hunch to keep them even remotely on. It was a rather...intense five minutes for Erin as she concentrated on not dying. That was all she thought about. Finally they arrived at the destination and Erin was so excited she could hardly contain it. She waited for Mick to get things set up, and then finally when he asked her if she was ready, she nodded, grinning and pulled off the blindfold. What she saw made her heart swell with complete love and adoration for the boy in front of her. There was fancy lights strung into the trees, a blanket laid out with a picnic basket set up. He must have taken so much time out of his week to plan and prepare this. Erin grinned at him, her eyes twinkling and watering at the same time. She had no clue how he did it, but he always made her feel loved and adored above everyone else, even when she was doubting. And she doubted a lot. "Mick..This is amazing. I can't even tell you how much this means to me. So thank you." She said softly, walking over and giving him a huge hug. He was amazing.

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Mick winced, realizing that he probably should have just walked over to her. Erin was stubborn, which she demonstrated by making her way towards him. But she wouldn't be his Erin if she wasn't. Not wanting her to fall on her face, which would definitely kill their truce, he hurried forward, reaching forward to snag her hand in his. After they set off for the picnic spot, Mick realized that he probably should have rented a golf cart. Or a canoe; Erin was trailing after him, but every so often she would veer off the path. He would manage to keep her from falling into the wet sand, but between carrying the supplies and keeping an eye on her, he was starting to get tired. That's when he had the brilliant idea of giving her a piggy back ride. Too late did he remember that she was wearing a skirt, but by then, he was already trying to get her lined up. "I'm positive. This is going to save us a lot of time. And this way, we'll get there in one piece." he said, trying to keep his voice confident. He waited a few minutes, feeling her scrabble at his back while she tried to figure out where he was. "You got this." he said reassuring. And not a second later, he was right; she finally settled onto his back. He stood, gripping her legs securely. "You good?" he asked. When she gave her assent, Mick started walking again, picking up pace. Five more minutes, and then they were there. Nervously, he let her down, quickly making sure everything was right before he told her that she could take the blind fold off. He felt his stomach twist, in a good way, when he saw the look on her face. Erin looked like she was blown away, which made the week of preparation, getting Kitty to help with the food, and putting up with Link's crap, worth it. "I'm glad." he said, feeling a ridiculously huge smile light up his face. "Seriously glad. Because you're worth it." he reminded her as he pressed a kiss to her temple as he hugged her back.

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Erin couldn't believe how lucky she was. Mick was...amazing. She knew his idea of surprises and special dates and stuff weren't big and she was fine with that! She just liked to be with him; The fact that he went above and beyond with this date...it made her feel like she was on top of the world and never ever coming down..and that made life worth living. She stood on her tippy toes, kissing Mick's lips gently. "You are absolutely amazing." She whispered, kissing him one more time. She just couldn't get enough of him. She missed everything about him. His goofy mannerisms, his car, his smile, his laugh, the way he constantly hummed and tapped out lyrics to his songs (which she secretly knew by heart but wouldn't ever tell him that). He was just amazing. She took his hand gently and led him over to the blanket, sitting down on the ground with her skirt neatly folded around her. "Alright Mick, what's on the menu?" She asked with a grin, her blue eyes twinkling. And now for the best date ever to officially begin.

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Temperance Mick wasn't creative, date-wise. He could whip out a tune in no time, but he was always awkward trying to plan dates; Erin was better at it. He was content with just hanging out at home, watching a movie. But his girlfriend deserved way more than that, especially after everything they had been through. He grinned through the kiss, even though he tried not to. "You don't say?" he asked, his effort at modesty ruined by playful smirk on his face. "Well, I do live to serve." he teased, over the moon that things were going so well. He sat down, crossing his legs carelessly as he grabbed the picnic basket, sweeping his hair out of his eyes. "For dinner we have pumpkin pie, courtesy of Kitty, raspberries, potato salad, deviled eggs, and grilled chicken." he said with a flourish, knowing that he couldn't go wrong with any of her favorites.

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Erin ran her fingers through her curly hair, knowing that Mick was feeling pretty good about himself. She kissed him a little deeper, when it suddenly dawned on her. Their anniversary was in...three days. She almost wanted to say something to him, but then....she decided that she wanted to wait and see if he remembered. See if their anniversary was as important to him as it was her. It was the say the love of her life asked her out, but it was also the day she started getting better. That was what made it even more special to her. Ever since Mick showed up, things got better. She smiled, sitting down neatly in her skirt, not wanting to flash anyone one. Nope. Erin thought back to Mick's car, hoping she maybe forgot some jeans or even a swimsuit in there. She's done it before...whose to say she hasnt done it again. Erin grinned, her eyes twinkling as he pulled out all of her favorite meals. "Oh my gosh Mick, you really went above and beyond. This is the best date I have ever been on." She said with a grin, but then remembered that he had topped this date once. "Well...other than our fourth date." She said slyly, winking at him. That was when they kissed for the first time, and honestly, right after that Erin knew that he was the one. How else could he make everything feel right?

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Temperance Mick couldn't help but feel but feel a little pleased with himself. He had put a lot of work into this, but the smile on her face made it all worth it. He helped himself to the chicken, taking a huge bite before a thought struck him. It was going to be their anniversary in three days. He had planned ahead, buying her a necklace with a sapphire pendant to match her eyes. He was going to buy flowers the day of, and surprise her during class. But, other than that, he hadn't thought that far ahead. How could he forget the day when she had finally said yes; it had been one of the happiest days of his life. He swallowed, chasing it down with a sip of water before he broached the subject. "Hey, babe, you have any plans three days from now?" he asked, his whole face lighting up. "Well, you deserve the best," he said, his cheeks flushing as he took a bite of pumpkin pie; he wasn't too good at dealing with compliments. He smirked, his eyes glinting as he leaned over and kissed her. "I agree with you on that one. That's a tough one to top." he said smugly as he sat back, pilling raspberries and potato salad on his plate.

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Erin took a small hand full of raspberries, eating them slowly and savoring the taste. She could eat that fruit all day every day. She grabbed a plate, filling it with a little bit of everything knowing she wouldn't eat much. Erin had always eaten like a bird. It wasn't because she thought she was fat or anything...it was just because she had a small stomach. She thought about what she was getting Mick for their first anniversary. A nice watch with a cute little mickey mouse in it (just to tease him) but she also got him something that she prayed and hoped he liked. She got him two V.I.P tickets to Mick's favorite band for him and Link to go to or something, and a guitar. She noticed how old his one was getting, and she could tell that the strings were wearing thin. So she saved her money, worked double shifts and bought it. Hopefully he likes it. She grinned at him, shrugging. "I don't know.. let me think..." In three days it would be a Monday. She had classes until 1, testing until 3, and work until 6. Then she would need an hour to get home and get ready...so...seven. "I'm free at seven." She told him with a smile, taking a bit of her salad. She was so excited. Who knows? Maybe he remembered. Erin grinned as he kissed her, the familiar butterflies flying up her stomach as she kissed him back gently. Man. She missed this so much...they were never going three weeks without talking to each other again. That was torture and Erin planned on never ever letting it happen again. Ever.

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Temperance Mick grinned proudly as Erin dug into the basket, taking a little bit of everything. He piled up on the chicken, potato salad, and the fruit, avoiding the deviled eggs; he couldn't explain it, he just didn't like them. As he took a bite of chicken, he turned over the new information in his head. He didn't want to screw up any of her classes, so he could surprise her later. The necklace had been a killer; it had taken him quite a few paychecks, but Erin was worth it. In addition to the necklace, he was waiting on a pair of rugby tickets for Erin's college; she could take Hayley if she wanted to. He was also planning on swinging by the local bakery. "Sounds good." he said, trying not to give anything away. He wanted her to be surprised. And, not to brag, his poker face was pretty awesome. He leaned forward, breaking the kiss to brush a strand of hair out of her eyes before stealing another one. He hated fighting, especially with Erin. She really was his better half; he was lost without her. He had barely made it through the three weeks, and now he was going to work his hardest to keep it from happening ever again.

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Erin was excited to give him his new guitar. She hoped he would like it..and wouldn't refuse it because she spent a lot of money on it. Money didn't matter to her. It was just a thing, Mick however meant the world. So she was willing to spend her money on him. "Sweet!" She said happily, scooting closer to him. She didn't like the whole sit on the other side of the blanket thing. No...she hadn't seen him in three weeks. There was no way she was keeping her distance. She kisses him lightly, running her fingers through his hair. Man...she missed him. She was going to do everything in her power to make sure that they never ever fought like that again. She looked up at him as he pulled back, smiling brightly. He gently brushed a strand of hair out of her face, making her smile. "Thank you." He surprised her with another breath taking kiss that made her head spin. She kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his neck as she pulled him closer. She loved him so so much. It was unbelievable. Erin Heartily was never letting him go.

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Mick was praying that Erin would like the necklace; he probably should have gotten a second opinion, but being a typical guy, he hadn't thought of it. Hopefully, the tickets and the desert would go over well. He rested his arm over her shoulders when she moved onto his side. If she hadn't moved, he would have; three weeks of no communication had driven him crazy. This picnic had to be one of his best ideas to date. And even though Link had driven him crazy while they set things up, he had actually been really helpful. Underneath all the jokes and easy going attitude, he knew that Link was always going to have his back. Mick kissed her back, happily pushing his plate to the side. He kissed her back, leaning a little closer as he wrapped his arms around her waist. He pulled back, his expression a little confused. "For what?" he asked before kissing her again.

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Erin kissed him with all she had, moving as close to him as she could. It had been far too long since they had kissed, talked, cuddled, touched, laughed, and smiled together. She missed him so much, so she was going to show him. Her small and delicate hands moved slowly up his chest as they kissed, barley any space between the two. That was how she liked it. Her nightmares had been awful, terrible and she hadn't had sleep in weeks. She couldn't have called Mick though, because they were fighting and it was just not happening. So she often sat on the couch with her phone in one hand, and a bat in the other. Erin not only missed Mick like crazy, but she needed him too. He was her rock, her best friend, and being away from him sucked. She felt him pull away and ask her why she was thankful. There was just so many reasons...she couldn't list them all day long. "For this. For everything." She told him softly, her fingers rubbing his chest softly as he leaned in and kissed her again. She of course returned it, desperately trying to show him how much she missed and loved him through the kiss. It was insane how much she loved him, but she wouldn't change it for a thing. She pulled away after a moment, her blue eyes looking into his. "Don't let me go again Mick." She whispered, her hand wrapping around his neck. He couldn't let her go again. Not now, not ever.

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Temperance Mick tugged her forward, burying his hands in her hair. Though he had her scent memorized, it didn't come close to the real thing. He traced patterns over her back and shoulders, breaking away briefly to press his face into her neck. He had three weeks of lost time to make up for, starting now. He hadn't said anything, but when he had picked Erin up, she had looked really tired. He hoped that the nightmares hadn't been too bad, and not for the first time, felt guilty for leaving her in the lurch; he should have called to check on her. No matter how bad things got, he should have never abandoned her; if things ever went south and they went their separate ways, he was still going to have her back. He smiled at her, wrapping a blond curl around his finger, watching it bounce back. He loved Erin's hair; he was always playing with it. "Babe, you don't need to thank me for that. You're my girlfriend, not to mention one of my best friends and a seriously amazing person. You deserve it." he insisted. Mick grinned again, kissing her once before pressing a kiss to her temple. "I won't." he murmured into her hair, his arms secured around her waist. When he made promises, he kept it; and this was one promise that he would never, ever break.

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Erin moved forward as he pulled her closer, her being practically on his lap. She didn't think he minded though. She certinally didn't. The three weeks they had been apart were awful. Especially since the teacher and person who tormented her dreams had been released the day they fought. Her anxiety had been extremely high and honestly...she didn't leave her apartment unless was completely necessary. This date was probably the third time she had left her house since they stopped talking. She had to admit that at first it was a little scary, but now, she knew Mick would protect her. He wouldn't let it happen again and that made her feel a ton better. Shivers ran up her spine as he traced the patterns on her back and shoulders. She had to admit that that was her favorite thing he did. That and playing with her hair. That one felt good too. She felt him pull away and bury his face in the crook of her neck, his breath fanning against her skin. She loved it. Erin placed her head on his shoulder, breathing in and out slowly. She grinned as he tugged on one of her curls, pulling it straight and then letting it spring back into place. His words washed over her in a wave of comfort, making her smile. "You're amazing." She whispered in his ear, allowing her lips to brush against it gently. I won't He whispered, drawing tears into her eyes. She needed to hear that. He...he made everything ten times better. She hugged him tightly, burning her head into his shoulder as she tried to calm down. She would always love him. Always.

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Temperance Mick nuzzled her neck, enjoying the close proximity. This date was going extremely well, even better than he had ever hoped; he was glad that he had gone all out. Usually, he went the simpler route when it was his turn to plan stuff, but after the blow out, he knew that he had screwed up. He had worked hard to make things right again, and thank goodness things were starting to go back to normal. He couldn't loose Erin, not after everything they had been through; she was the only good things he had in his life. He felt ten times better when she tucked her head against his shoulder; they fit together so well, it was insane. Her hair brushed against his cheek, the sensation making him grin. It was little things like this that made him enjoy his time with her. Things with Erin were simple; he didn't have to lie or put on an act; with her, he could just be himself. "Thanks, babe." he said, smiling at her compliment. Seeing her tears, he rubbed her back as he tried to comfort her. He didn't think he had said something wrong, but he had been wrong in the past. "Babe, are you ok? What's up?" Mick asked, his expression worried.

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Erin let out a small giggle as he Nuzzled her neck, the sensation tickling her. "Ah! Stop it." She giggled, pulling back a little to look him in the eye. Erun was fairly ticklish, not as much as Hayley, but average. Her neck however was the most ticklish spot on her entire body, and Mick knew that. He had discovered it one night and honestly...went to town. Not that Erin minded it too much. Just...the only person she can tolerate the tickling from is Mick. He's just special like that. She pulled away, sitting closely next to him with her head on his shoulder as she began to eat some of her dinner that he had provided. He really went above and beyond, and she really appreciated it. She really did. Honestly, her heart was completely full. He was just...amazing. After the accident, Erin couldn't have dreamed up something like this. A relationship with a guy who would drop everything just to come hold her while she cried, someone who she could talk to no matter what. Honestly it was a dream come true and Erin couldn't believe her luck. Even after a year Erin still had a hard time believing that this wasn't a dream, that it was real, and very very true. That Mick did love her, and he would never let her go. She leaned into his touch, his hand on her back sending fireworks sparking through her veins. "Oh...its nothing Mick. Honestly, I'm just...grateful. For you and everything you do for me. When I got hurt and tore down it was like everything was falling apart. The only guys who would even look at me were the ones who were just like my teacher. And then you showed up. I didn't trust you at first ..and I don't know why, but you kept trying. And Mick, I'm so glad you didn't give up on me...because you are the best thing that has ever happened to me." She told him softly, looking up at him with a small smile. There. She had said stuff along those lines, but never explained everything. She still hasn't..there was more to go, but he could count on her forever loving him, even if things went south and they separated. There would always be a part of her that loved him. Always.

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