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Gio (mediamartyr17) | 13 comments Under Construction

<.b>Real Name:<./b> <.i><./i>

<.b>Current Alias:<./b> <.i><./i>

<.b>Age:<./b> <.i><./i>

<.b>Gender:<./b> <.i><./i>

<.b>Relatives:<./b> <.i><./i>

<.b>Affiliation:<./b> <.i><./i>

<.b>Base of Operations:<./b> <.i><./i>


<.b>Alignment:<./b> <.i><./i>

<.b>Citizenship:<./b> <.i><./i>

<.b>Marital Status:<./b> <.i><./i>

<.b>Occupation:<./b> <.i><./i>


<.b>Appearance:<./b> (Include a link or something, real pics would be nice)


<.b>Personality:<./b> <.i><./i> (At least 3 lines, please)

<.b>Sexuality:<./b> <.i><./i>


<.b>Place of Birth:<./b> <.i><./i>

<.b>History:<./b> <.i><./i> (At least 3 lines, please)


<.b>Powers:<./b> <.i><./i>

<.b>Abilities:<./b> <.i><./i>

<.b>Strengths:<./b> Includes hobbies. Dot points are fine. <.i><./i>

<.b>Weaknesses:<./b> Includes phobias. Dot points are fine. <.i><./i>


<.b>Equipment:<./b> <.i><./i>

<.b>Transportation:<./b> <.i><./i>

<.b>Weapons:<./b> <.i><./i>

<.b>Other:<./b> <.i><./i>

message 3: by Brian (new)

Brian (oscart) Name: Alistaire MacLeod
Codename: Shillelagh
Age: 18
Gender : Male
Powers/Abilities: Enhanced strength (lift/press 600 lbs.), enhanced durability (extremely tough skin), enlarged hands.
Appearance: Shillelagh is fairly tall (5’10”) and very muscularly stocky (240 lbs.). He has brown hair to his shoulders and grey eyes.

History: Alistaire was born in a small village near Livingston, Scotland; the son of a farmer, Angus MacLeod. His mother, Caoimhe, was rumored to be a hedge witch, but was in truth, much more. She was a minor demon who took human form as a lark, met a man and fell in love. She chose to remain in human form and stay with the human whom she married. As a five year old Alistaire escaped from the house and followed his father to the barn unnoticed. His father started up the corn grinder and was then called from the barn by the one hired hand he employed. Young Alistaire, fascinated by the machine, drew closer and the sleeves of his shirt became entangled in the grinding mechanism. His father and mother were alerted by the child’s screams and both came running. They found young Alistaire, his hands already crushed by the grinder and in danger of losing his life as he was being dragged into the machine. His father managed to stop the grinder, and then held Alistaire in his arms as his lifeblood poured from his wrists. His father wailed a lament, blaming himself for going to the hired man’s call. Alistaire’s mother, unable to face the loss of her son, used her demonic magic to stop the flow of blood. She then killed the hired man and magically fused the man’s hands onto the stumps of her son’s arms. In her haste to save her son she also imbued him with a measure of her demonic nature as well. Alistaire lived, but his father, distraught over his son’s injury, killed himself less than a month after the accident. Allistaire was raised in isolation by his mother. She kept the boy secluded from others to hide the fact that his hands were the hands of a grown man. The magically fused hands grew as her son grew and remained to large for the rest of Allistaire’s body. As a young teen, Allistaire was attacked by a bear in the woods near the family home. Though the bear bit his right hand, the skin refused to break. Allistaire punched the bear with his free hand, crushing the huge animal’s skull. Allistaire’s mother realized at that time, that her son could now fend for himself and she returned to the realm of demons. Allistaire found his way to the nearest city, Livingston, and found work as hired muscle for the local crime syndicate. He barely managed to survive on the salary he was payed and spent almost as much time in bar brawls as he did working. On his 16th birthday he received a telegram and airplane ticket and left his native Scotland for the US of A.

Personality: Always looking for a fight. Has no friends, and prefers it that way.

Sexuality: Straight

Other: To honor his Scottish heritage, Allistaire wears a kilt at all times.

message 4: by Brian (last edited Mar 25, 2014 06:08AM) (new)

Brian (oscart) Name: Candy Johnson
Codename: Deviant
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Powers/Abilities: Candy can “shadow walk, or move from shadow to shadow over undetermined distances. She also has the ability to throw freezing cold, dark knives that cause temporary paralysis.

Appearance: 5-4, 112. Candy has pale skin, with brown eyes and black curly hair.

History: Candy’s parents died in an auto accident when she was just a toddler and she went to live with her maternal grandmother. Life was simple on her grandmother’s place in the country and Candy grew up mostly healthy and happy. Candy grew up running free through the countryside, climbing trees, swimming in lakes and rivers and playing in her grandmother’s barn. She became very athletic and can climb almost any surface. She can find hand and footholds almost instinctively. Candy was always a bright inquisitive child and excelled in all school work; however from birth she seemed more comfortable at night than in the daylight. She grew into something of a computer prodigy and by age 10 was able to hack into all but the most secure government programs. At 13 her abilities began to manifest. One day she was playing in the shadow filled barn when a violent thunderstorm struck swiftly. Frightened, young Tandy closed her eyes and tried to disappear into the shadows only to open her eyes inside her own closet. Shocked, she kept it a secret, but began to experiment on her own and found she could disappear into the smallest shadow and shadow walk, as she calls it, from shadow to shadow. The full extent of her ability is not certain, though she has shadow walked several miles from her home to school almost instantaneously. At 14 after a fight with her best friend, Neil Hudson, she discovered, at Neil’s expense, that she could also throw bits of darkness, she came to call shadow knives, which caused a chilling cold and temporary paralysis. Candy ran away from home shortly after and lived on the streets of San Francisco for several months before she was approached by a man she didn’t know and then she disappeared from view.

Personality: Candy is a bit introverted, as are many computer geeks, but seems to blossom around Neil.

Sexuality: Straight

Other: Since the appearance of her shadow knives, Candy's flesh has begun taking on a greenish hue, not enough to draw attention, yet, but enough to make her appearance seem a bit off.

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