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Tell me what town and the name of the character you would like it for and what type of home.

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kai (Kai1300) | 6 comments Town name : Bushing falls, Name: Red riding hood in 21st century, Home: cottage looking home lives with mother and brother ( who she protects fiercely)Weapon of choice: knives or sometimes arrows.

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Umm there are 8 towns to choose from and you need to make a character first please. Also the play is set in a fantasy land that while it does have some modern feature is mainly olden day.

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kai (Kai1300) | 6 comments where and what towns?

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Umm Albion is the name of the kingdom and make a character under make a character thread or Prince Creation depending on who you are making. The towns are all under the information thread.

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campbema Can Dimitri have a small house in Camelot near the Prince's castle? Just three roms, a kitchenand a bathroom

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Can Julian have a large estate in Everfalls?

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