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The poorer part of the city.

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Eponine hurried down the streets not wanting to be caught here after dark as the place was bad enough when light but after dark all the criminals came out.

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She looked up at the guy waiting for him to apologize. She may not look rich but that was no reason for him to be rude. She was dressed in a ragged dress to blend in with the rest of the poor.She was doing her chores for her stepmother who had threatened her again. It seemed that no matter how many times she stood up for herself her stepmother always had one up on her.

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She nodded. "And i'm sorry for running but if you will excuse me I need to leave. I must be home before dark," she said. Home, ha, she thought. That place was not home. She was treated as a slave.

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Eponine panicked. She couldn't let him escort her home. Her stepmother would kill her. She may not care for what her stepmother said but she didn't want to get beaten anymore than she already did. " No it's okay thank you sir, I can make my own way back," she said.

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She gave in. " Okay," she said. She didn't know why she was letting him walk her home. Every part of her was telling her not to but yet she was still letting him.

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" Its near Mayfairs close. I'm only in this part of town to run some errands for my family," she replied.

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" My stepmother sent me to do some errands," she said. She was like a maid to her family. They had sacked all the other ones and used her as free labour.

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(( Night))

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"Maybe not but she did. It's not that late honestly. It's only 7 in the evening," she said.

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" Stop staring. It is creepy," she said. She just wanted to get home as soon as possible so she could try to avoid the beating her stepmother would give her.

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"No you can not. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, you still have to have manners and follow the law," she said glaring at him. Stupid stuck up rich guy.

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Eponine looked up. " No you can't and no it is not. I don't live in East End," she said. She had no idea who this stranger was or why he insisted on walking her home.

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(( Yeah. It's something manor...))

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She nodded. She didn't want to be here any longer than necessary because of thieves and criminals.

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(( Yep))

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