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Adam was hiding in the shadows. He didn't want to be seen as gossip seemed to follow him everywhere.

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Anya opened the doors to the library. She was supposed to be waiting downstairs, but curiositybhad been too strong. "Don't make too much noise, Pooka." The small dog rushed inside, sniffing everything.

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Adam had heard the door open but as he was behind a shelf he couldn't see who had entered the room. He sighed someone else to stare at him and think him a freak.

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The dog continued sniffing around while she checkedvsome of the titles. "Wow, royals are so lucky."
Pooka barked to get her attention, nodding his head to the shadows, but she waved her hand at him.

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Adam saw the dog and stiffened. He motioned for it to go away and leave him alone.

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Pooka came closer, catching the edge of his pants, trying to bring him forward.

"Would you stop growling? I'm trying to read here."

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Adam was relived that the girl seemed to be ignoring her dog as it meant she wouldn't see him. He motioned again for the dog to leave him in peace.

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"Hmmm this one's boring." Anya said and tossed the book behind her, unaware that it might hit Adam.

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Adam caught it before it hit him but it made quite a loud sound as the leather hit his flesh.

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Thinking she'd hit her dog, she turned around. "Pooka, I'm really -Oh." She realized it hadn't been him the one she had attacked with a flying book.

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He stood there with a raised eyebrow. "Well aren't you going to apologize? You hit a prince," he sneered arrogantly.

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"I was about to do it, actually." She narrowed her eyes at him, motioning for Pooka to leave him alone. "But I don't feel like it anymore."

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"Well If I were I would before I call the guards. I do not take kindly to being insulted," he said.

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"Adam stop being mean, she did it be accident." He took the book from Adam and put it back on its shelf.

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"I'm not insulting you." She crossed her arms, stubbornly, refusing to apologize to this jerk. "Who are you exactly, anyway? For all I know you could be a kitchen assistant."

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"Prince Jack Pendragon" he said while taking a book from a shelf.

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"I'm Prince Adam Pendragon," he said with an arrogant tilt of his head.

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"Adam just leave her alone before I use magic to fix this"

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"I'm Anya." She held out her hand, annoyed he was really a prince. "And this is Pooka." She said gesturing to the dog.

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Adam turned to his brother and arched his eyebrow elegantly. He really didn't care. "I really don't care about your name. What are you doing here?" he asked taking her hand and raising it to his lips like a good prince. He still had some manners and he really wasn't all that mean if you were close to him.

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" I believe she was looking to see what it looked like" Adam said while reading

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"Yes, yes, exactly." She said quickly. "I got lost trying to find a bathroom and found this instead." She rolled her eyes at Adam. "Normally when someones says their name the other person gives his too. It's called politeness."

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((He already said his name)))

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(I know, i know, she's just explaining why she told him hers :) )

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((Oh :) ))

Adam shrugged. "I don't believe you. If you wanted the bathroom you wouldn't have sat down and started to read. I know what politeness is," he said.

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"Maybe she might of wants to pass time before someone showed up and told he where it is" Jake said

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"I don't want to go to the bathroom anymore, that's all." She smiled nervously. "I mean, it happens to everyone, at first yes, but then not." What the hell? Why was she having this conversation with a prince? She inwardly thanked Prince Jake for trying to help her.

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Jake smiled. "Bye Anya!" He walked back to his table where he was reading. But then go up. He liked that girl and he wasn't going to lose her. "Wait Anya, I need to talk to you!" He sprinted down the hallway

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He laughed cruelly. He hated the fact that someone who wasn't family was around as it mean he had to put his mask up.

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She was just outside the library. To be honest, she did feel hurt about prince Adam being so rude, but well, nothing she could do about it. "Hmm what?" She asked turning around. Pooka was hiding under a table but started licking Adam's shoes.

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Adam relaxed when the girl left the library and sat down on the chair. No doubt she was going to go tell everyone about her meeting with "the beast".

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Pooka jumped onto Adam's lap. For him, he was a dog too, because he smelled almos like one.

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Adam looked at the dog that had jumped him and stroked him while thinking.

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His ears perked up, he was confused by this person/dog. He was being nice now.

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"I know ow your history history. That was as in the library. If you want it here is the scroll I wrote down for you. You might want to know that you are are a princess. But sorry if it is so sudden, but Will you ...
Go out with me?"

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Adam patted the dog. He wasn't always horrible. He was just trying to protect himself as he didn't want to get hurt.

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Anya was frozen. "Wait, come again? You must be confusing me with other person." Pooka jumped off of him, accidentally knocking a flask of ink that spilled on the floor, he started running around but leaving his inked footprints all over the place.

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No, I'm not. If you didn't want to you just could have told me." He started walking away

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Adam laughed. He wasn't hot tempered. " You silly dog," he scolded as he picked the broken ink pot up. He wondered what he was going to do about the ink that was all over the floor.

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"Hey you, wait a minute." Anya stomped towards him. "You can't just come to tell me I'm a princess and then walk away." She heard the sound of the mess going on in the library, turning her head towards it just when Pooka ran out leaving the trail of ink behind. "Oh no. I'm sorry!"

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"Look that book I gave you is your history. You don't nee me anymore. I was only here to give you that and see if you would go out worth me. And don't bother." He wave his hand and all think and and glass was cleaned

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Adam watched the dog leave the room and shook his head. He called a servant to clean the mess up and sat back down.

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When the servant came she went to clean it. "There is nothing here. Your step brother probably cleaned it with magic". The servant walked away

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Anya tried to stop him. "I'll read it." She went into the library again. "I'm really sorry for the mess but I have to read something." She told Adam.

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Jake teloported himself back into the library UN aware of Anya there and sits down and reads a book

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Adam shrugged. "Well keep your dog under more control," he snapped as he sat down on one of the chairs. He hated having visitor's to the castle.

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"JAke wanted to read in scilence. "Adam will you please stop talking?" he does some magic and gets himself a thing of flowers for a apologetically. Then fills a note in a card that says sorry about getting mad and walking away. Meet me at the castle garden - love Prince Jake. . He signs his name and teleported himself to the garden and teleportedthe flowers to Anya.

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"YOU keep yourself under control." She stuck her tongue out at him, just when a bunch of flowers appeared on her lap.

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He glared. " Jake shut up," he said to his brother. He turned to Anya. " And you stay out of my way," he said as he stormed out of the room.

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