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Anya sneaked into the kitchens as quietly as she could, doing her best to go unnoticed. Her stomach was growling at her for something to eat, and she wasn't confortable calling a servant to bring her food. So here she was, trying to snatch a couple of croissants.

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campbema Dimitri was working on the dinner for the staff, humming to a song he remembered from his childhood. He turned around when he heard thekitchen door close. Dimitri hadn't met this girl befor, but she seemed familiar. He bowed "Ma'am. Is there anything I could do for you this evening?"

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She jumped in surprise when he spoke to her. "Me? I was just looking for something to eat." She said, hiding the bread behind her back. Her master plan had failed, apparently. She'd hoped she'd appear as another servant since she wasn't exactly wearing fancy clothes.

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campbema "If you would like, the staff and I will be eating dinner in just a moment. It's lasagna and garlic bread. If you don't want to, feel free to place some butter on that roll"

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"Eating with the staff... " Anya looked down at the bread and put it back on the table. "That sounds good. Honestly, I'm starving."

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campbema He smiled "Hello starving, I'm Dimitri," he said, bowing again. "Mind if I ask for your real name?" He asked as he added the mozzerella onto the garlic bread.

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"Hello Dimitri, I'm Anya." She chuckled, leaning over the table to watch how he worked. "Are you sure it won't bother the others if I join you guys?"

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campbema "If it doesn't bother you to be eating with staff. I am guessing you are the prince's guest," Dimitri said, taking the lasagna out of the oven and adding some more parmesan cheese onto it. "There is one rule with eating with us: nothing goes back to the royals"

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Her gaze was glued on the lasagna. Geez, it smelled delicious! She recognized that smell, the uniqueness of it, but couldn't pinpoint where had she smelled a lasagna like that one before. "I don't mind. And don't worry, I won't tell anything. My lips are sealed, promise." She made as if she was locking her lips and throwing away the key.

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campbema He grinned "Perfect,the others are setting up the table, can you grab an extra plate and silverware for yourself while I get the lasagna set up" Dimitri started to slice up the lasagna and went back to humming to his childhood song

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"Sure, sure." She searched around for another plate and then for silverware. Even though this was meant for the staff, it was still so much better than the ones at the orphanate. "What song is that? It's nice."

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campbema "It's uhm, it's just some song I heard as a child while I was an apprentice. I just tend to hum it everynow and then, it brings back memories"

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Anya nodded, about to walk out of the kitchen. "I like it." She carried her plate to where the staff was already taking their seats. They were all talking excitedly. The chatter continued as she set her plate on the table. Feeling a little awkward, she returned to the kitchen. "You better hurry up, because people are hungry." She smiled. "Do you need help?"

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campbema He chuckled "aren't they always," he muttered and handed her the basket of the garlic bread. "Shakl we before they eat eachother?" He asked walking out woth her. "Everyone, this is Anya, she'll be eating with us this evening." Dimitri stated this so sternly that if anyone had complaints, they wouldn't speak up about it. One of the maids smiled and scooted over to let Anya into the free seat next to her.

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"Yeah, let's go." She laughed and followed him out. "Hi everyone." A least they weren't so bothered by her presence. She smiled at everyone and sat down.

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campbema Dimitri's eye involuntarily followed her until she was sitting. She seemed so familiar.... He shook the thought away and started serving everyone. The one maid smiled at Dimitri and asked for his recipe "I can't tell you that, it's a palace tradition and must remain here"

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Anya happily dug into her food when the lasagna was in front of her. All of the sudden, she imagined herself surrounded by other faces. Family. Her brain tod her. She blinked and it was gone, glancing up at him. "C'mon, you really can't tell us?"

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campbema "Nope, sorry. I learned it as a child and the only one toknow it after me will either be my apprentice or my child" Dimitri explained. Honestly, he had been making this so long it was practically muscle memory and he wasn't sure if he could remember exactly how it's made without writing it down as he created it.

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She looked down at her nearly empty plate, an idea forming in her mind. If tasting that lasagna had triggered a memory, maybe... "I can be your apprentice." She said, not thinking it through first.

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campbema He raised an eyebrow at her " you want to be my apprentice?" He asked, surprised. "Aren't you, like, the prince's guest? I mean, yoy can if you would like, but.... why?"

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"I can be the prince's guest, and be your apprentice. Why not?" She took another bite of the lasagna. "My cooking skills are not disastrous."

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campbema Dimitri shrugged, not knowing how to go about explaining to her that he's going to be in trouble for even talking to her. "Okay, you may start tomorrow," he said with a small smile. He waited for everyome to finish before helping the other kitchen staff bring all of the dishes in. He brought out some chocolate mousse with whipped cream and chocolate shavings on it. "I can gaurantee that you've never had anything like this before."

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"Yay!" Anya could tell there was something troubling him but chose not to mention it in front of everyone. Instead, she talked with the maid next to her. That is, until dessert arrived. "I haven't for sure." She mumbled as she ate the mousse.

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campbema He grinned and went into the corner and started to play some music, watching the rest of his stadf-his famiky pretty much- enjoy their dessert, he kept glances over at Anya, but looked away before she would notice

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Once she had finished, she just laid back on her chair, listening to the melody. She didn't know the song he was playing at all, but it was relaxing, after the day she'd been through, a little crazy, actually.

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campbema He eventually walked ober to her."it looks like you had a long day, would you like to go for a walk? With me?"

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( Campbema did you make Dimitri? ))

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campbema ((Yep yep, why?))

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(( What under make a character?))

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Anya hesitated before standing up. Just one walk, and then she'd go take a nap. "Sure, a walk would be great."

(You just have to fill the information asked in the thread and that's all. :) I'm sorry, I forgot to check yesterday.)

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campbema ((Yeah, i just requested for him and they put it on the list. Do I have to do anything specific?))

He smiled and held his arm out for her before starting to walk. "So, Anya, where are you from?"

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(( Please make him under make a character ))

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campbema ((@i just re-requested him, flynn ryder, and jane and I will go make him under make a charactee. Sorry))

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(( thats not what I meant. There is a thread under characters that says make a character. You go make him under that thread by following the template,))

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"I don't know." She accepted his arm and then licked a smudge of chocolate from her hand. "Don't remember much about my childhood."

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campbema ((did it :) ))

"Really? Why's that?" He wondered. He looked at her closely "Has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like the missing princess?"

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(Nice :P)

"If only I knew." She muttered, turning slightly bitter after he mentioned the missing princess. First the prince, and now him. Couldn't they see she was no princess material at all? "You're the second who tells me, actually."

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campbema "He raised an eyebrow and then realized that she probably meant the prince. He nodded slightly and looked away from her, remembering back to that night, showing young Anastasia how to get out, trying to stay with her, but losing her at some point. He looked over at the flowers and bent down, playing with the one's petal without pulling it off of the bush. "I'm sorry if I struck a chord, I didn't mean to upset you, it was just something I noticed."

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Anya pulled her coat tighter around her, looking down at her feet. "No, I'm sorry. I'm just..." She rubbed her face with her palms in frustration. "Why can't I be a normal person and remember who I am? I don't care if I was the daughter of two farmer nobodies. I'd welcome that gladly, anytime."

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campbema "Sometimes not knowing is better than knowing," he said softly, stocking his hands into his pockets. "What brought you to Camelot?" (( that's where they are, right?)) He wondered, looking over at her.

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(yep =))

"That's something so wise to say." She pursed her lips together. "Would you believe me if I told you it was a dog?"

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campbema He laughed and looked at her. "A dog? A dog brought you here? I have to meet this dog, it must be pretty intelligent"

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"Hey, it's true!" She laughed too, adjusting her hat and tucking some loose strands of auburn hair inside it. "He must be running around right now."

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campbema Dimitri grinned "Well, let'os go find the lil bugger, shall we? What did you name him?"

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"His name is Pooka." Anya replied, putting her hands behind her back as she walked. "I really hope we can find him soon. He already got in troubles earlier."

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campbema "How so? And i know where a lot of animals like to hide in herr. Ever seen the castle's laundry room?"

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"He kind of left his footprints all over the library." She could bet the laundry room was where Dimitri supposed Pooka was. "Nope, I've never seen it. Where is it?"

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campbema "It's next to the kitchen, he's probably in there since it's warm and has a lot of places for him to lay down and sleep. It's where all of the other guests' animals tended to sleep"

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Anya grabbed his hand to drag him back to the kitchens. "What are we waiting for then? Let's go!"

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