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Each character must be from one of these 8 towns

Everfalls- Beautiful and tranquil. The rich and wealthy mainly live here.

Camelot- The capital city

Thornbridge- The textile industry is biggest in this town. Huge gap between the poor and the rich

Ravenswood- Famed for its baked goods. It is roughly 40 miles from Camelot.

Swan Hills- Near a lake, famed for its' entertainment- music halls, concert halls and the like

Ironsford- the town nearest the Mountains and forest. It's main industry is mining and almost everyone is poor here.

Avalon- A seaside town. Famed for its fishing industry and its tourism.

Heartsville- A small village that has a big farming industry.

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There are several Princes, they are all brother the oldest is Arthur at 26. They are all the children of King Uther Pendragon.

Uther and Ygraine
Arthur -26

Uther and Rosamund Rosamund Elcia
Edward (Charming)-21

Uther and Second wife
Jake- 25

Uther and third wife

Uther and Elizabeth (Uther's fourth wife)

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