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This is where the royal family hold their celebrations.

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Saber (sailorsaber) Crystal winter walks in with a lovely white and light blue color dress. She could feel the hate and she didn't like it. She was trying to change.

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Mary Ann walked into the ballroom. Finally I am alone,away from servants and fans She thought to herself. She looked up and say something. Oh, its Crystal!"She thought ."Crystal, its me Mary, Mary Ann."

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Saber (sailorsaber) Crystal looked behind and saw Mary Ann. She smiled delighted to see her. "Mary Ann, I haven't seen you in ages. How are you?" She ask walks up to her like a queen should.

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"Very good, you?" She stands up tall. "Hey, I have someone that knows your story and wants to meet you."

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Saber (sailorsaber) She smiled but she was thinking why her? Why her story? It's so bad. "I would very love to meet them" Crystal stand tall.

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Prince Jake Pendragon walked in. He walked up to her and smiled. He picked up her hand and kissed it, "Prince Jake, Jake Pendragon."

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Princess Red Riding Hood turned around. "I have to go so, bye!"

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Saber (sailorsaber) She smile as Red ridding hood left. She curtsy at him. "Crystal, Crystal Winter but also known as the Ice Queen" She said taking back her hand that he kissed.

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"Now where have I heard that name before. Ahh... your goblins had killed my best friend. I got over it but, I miss him still."Jake remebers him and starts to cry but starts himself before 3 tears fall out." How about we get a ice cream?"

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Saber (sailorsaber) She frowned at the thought of killing the men and watching them sufer. "I very sorry. I didn't know" she said then heard ice cream. "I would love one" She felt weird because she was the one killed his best friend.

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"Well, it was his destiny. Come on ,then lets go."

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Saber (sailorsaber) "Lead the way, Prince" she said walking towards the door.

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