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Stacey & Jennifer C. - Limitless

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I just finished Chapter 3. So this drug seems like a combination of speed and something that would cause OCD tendencies. It's OK so far, but really nothing has happened. The first chapter was all about him trying to document "what happened", but I'm assuming we don't find out what that is until the end. Something about Mexico. Who knows.

Stacey Kennedy | 1063 comments Yes. I found the beginning a bit jumbled but was anxious to find out what he was trying to recount. I admit I had a really hard time believing he would just swallow a pill from his ex brother in law that he thought was a thug, generally a not so nice guy, who was a drug dealer, especially after not seeing him for a decade. I was interested in wht this magic pill would do so I kept reading...

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I just finished Chapter 8. This is starting to feel a bit repetitive to me. He's just taking the pills, cleaning, writing, repeat. Now he just called his boss to tell him that he was sending him some of what he wrote and he called his friend Dean and went out with him. It started off as drinks and he didn't go home for two days. Now he's completely hooked on those pills. He's taking more before the first one even starts to wear off. I do hope something exciting is going to happen soon. I'm assuming that the people who beat up and killed his ex-brother-in-law will eventually come after him. Still more vague mentions of Mexico, but no details.

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments Stacey wrote: "I admit I had a really hard time believing he would just swallow a pill from his ex brother in law that he thought was a thug, generally a not so nice guy, who was a drug dealer, especially after not seeing him for a decade."

I don't think I was quite so surprised about this and especially not now that I've read a little bit more. He seems like he has a very addictive personality. His ex-brother-in-law used to be his dealer and I think he just slipped right back into his old habits. Everything he does is excessive. I just finished Chapter 11 and he's popping these pills like candy and he's not eating or sleeping for days at a time. He is obsessing about day trading now. He's making a ton of money doing it, but he just seems to take everything to the extreme. And we don't really know what he was like before he started taking these pills, but it seems like he was a slacker and a slob. His apartment was a disaster the first day he took the pills and he tries to downplay the pills effects because he knows that people who know him will start to suspect something is not right with him. I'm really curious to see where this is going.

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments So now he's losing huge chunks of time. Like 8 hour chunks. And then he freaks out at the restaurant when he overhears people talking about how someone attacked Donatella and put her in a coma and realizes that he did it while he was blacked out. He wasn't concerned at all before that about the bruises and burn and sprained ankle when he did regain consciousness on the Brooklyn Bridge. He's absolutely crazy! Then he listens to his voicemail and Melissa leaves him a message asking him if her brother gave him anything and even uses the name of the drug, so there is no misunderstanding that she is talking about some other drug that her brother was involved in and she tells him that it is very dangerous and to call her right away. What is the correct response in this situation??? Of course! Take ANOTHER PILL!!! Obviously! Idiot.

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I just finished. This book was so strange. I did like it, but he really made so many bad choices. It was interesting that the people who killed his brother in law were keeping an eye on him as a sort of experiment. I can't believe he killed Gennady too. That was crazy. And then he went and gave the half million to Melissa. I guess he really had no use for it.

I'm definitely interested in seeing the movie now. I have heard that a lot of things are different though.

Stacey Kennedy | 1063 comments So you did end up liking it?! I couldn't decide. I wanted to like it but kept getting irritated by him- the I am god stuff which I guess came from the Smart drug- and the loose ends too, including the ending.. I bet the movie is good though!

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I ended up giving it three stars. I liked it but it wasn't great. He was super annoying, but I imagine most addicts are. He made a bunch of horrible decisions, but again I just chalked it up to him being a drug addict. Lots of people do crazy stuff just to keep the drugs rolling in. I didn't feel like there were any loose ends though. It was about him getting his story out there. Basically a confession about Donatella and Gennady too. He was out of pills and knew he was going to die. I guess we don't know if he kills himself or waits for the drugs to finish him off but he definitely dies. I think the ending was just so abrupt because he was narrating the story and he couldn't physically go on anymore.

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