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ichigo_menthol haai

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) Yo!

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ichigo_menthol haha xD have any ideas??

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) two

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) First Story.
The devil of hell falls in love with a shy librarian whose real mother is the Goddess of Beauty and her father is the Angel of Love so she is very beautiful,envied by her co-workers and wanted by men even though she is very shy she will only give herself to the man she loves.On a dark night she is walking home alone and a man tries to rob her but the Devil who had been admiring her from afar in his coven of Demons comes and rescues her to bring her to hell,now she is all confused as to where she is but the seductive christian grey clone devil explains it to her saying he wants her to be his wife to have children but she doesn't love him...yet,so he makes her fall in love but will she give herself to him in time before his brother a fallen angel sweeps her off her feet.

Second Story.
Nana lived the peaceful, average teenage life until Queen Lele drew Nana across time and space into the ancient Egyptian Empire to use her as a sacrifice! Nana escapes the Queen wandering out into the street hearing hearing the voices of the towns people she can not understand them at all,turning frantically down an alley she come across a figure in a cloak,she sudden;y hears the guards that were chasing her but before she can run the cloaked figure pulls her close and kisses her making them fall to the ground,when the guards arrive the cloaked man looks up at them and its the Prince! The guards flee leaving them,the Prince speaks to her and she understands him,shocked she runs from him,but fascinated with this girl Prince Elijah makes her his concubine.All the while The Queen is furious by his decision,time goes by and soon Nana becomes well know in Egypt,other princes wanting her and Prince Elijah protects her at all cost before he becomes king while wanting Nana to be his Queen as well every time they are alone he attempts to sleep with her which he soon does.

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) Must type at least one paragraph.If we do one of these*

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ichigo_menthol Ahh I like both ideas, maybe the first one more but I'm afraid you'll have to rp it with someone else Dx I thought I had time to rp but things changed over here and I'm busy.

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) Oh I'm,ok then well I'll be here if you change your mind.

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