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Made you a Mod Athena :)

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Choose whoever you want form the character list :)

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Haha :) She's not one of my Arthurs love interests :)

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm not going to :)

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I have read Avalon High :)

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Athena I will put you in charge of making threads for Ravenswood and Everfalls

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Yeah I will :) Do you want to help me with it? There is some information on each of the towns in the information thread :)

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I was planning posting some info. Want to help? There is a little under Arthur's profile too...

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Yep :) Uther is an angel and the other brothers mothers are all from a different species. The brothers can either take after their father and be an angel or take after their mother. No hybrids

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Okay :)

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Athena you are in charge of creating threads for Everfalls, Ravenswood, Swans hill and Ironsford, you are also in charge of making houses for the characters that we have and make sure they are in the right town

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Okay hmm the basics like shops and a few things specific to the area.....

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Yeah and things like carpenters and iron forges....

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There is a difference but I can't remember what.....

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Okay :)

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Did you want to claim anyone off the list before they all disappear?

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Hmm yeah she'll work unless I find anyone else :)

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Hmm Blonde Aurora or non blonde Aurora? I'm running out of blondes to use :)

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I think I might but Sleeping beauty has always been described with blonde hair...

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It's Taylor Momsen :)

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Hmm. Is she innocent enough through? I really want Aurora to be slightly naive and very innocent

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Okay :)

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I don't know who she is :)

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Around 17 or 18

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Why? Unless I make her 12 or 13 or something? Btw you can make characters that are of your own creation along as they have fairytale elements to them :)

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:) It would a bit :)

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For Aurora AnnaSophia Robb, Hilary Duff, Diana Argon, Emma Watson, Megan Martin or this person -

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I can't either hmm....

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I can't either. What do you think to me giving Aurora a little sister? I don't know whether to make her myself or offer up to others :)

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Hmm she would be anything from about 4-15 years of age....

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Hmm I was swaying more towards Anna but if Diana is better for her?

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Hmm I really don't know. I have Auroras personality up now. So if you read that and then see which one fits better?

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Okay :) I'm writing Prince Adams/the beasts history at the moment :)

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Yay :)

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Adams done :)

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Cool :) So Adam will have his girl soon :)

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Cool :) I'm almost done with Aurora and then I'll
Move onto Cinderella and Robin Hood :)

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I've finished Aurora :)

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Oh dear :( Thats not good :) At least you will be free soon :)

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Should I make Aurora's sister or not?

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I can manage it's just I don't know whether to let someone else make her or not :)

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I'll do that then :)

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:) Hmm any ideas to gain new members? I have pretty much invited all my friends and promoted it on every group I have.

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Hmm what species to make Robin?

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