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I'm going to claim another boy but I don't know who. Any suggestions?

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Anyone on?

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Any suggestions for Robin Hoods species?

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Hey Kat :) :) How are you?

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Saber (sailorsaber) Hey I'm making a character right now. So I hope I get it up soon!!

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Great :) :) Can't wait to decide who or what you make :)

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Saber (sailorsaber) Whats Alias?

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A name other than your original one that you would use eg if you were trying to hid your identify you would use a fake name. That is what an Alias is :)

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What would be a good name for Cinderella? I want something that is slightly unusual...

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Does the name have any particular meaning? It is pretty :)

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Okay :) I'll google it :) I'm not normally bad with names but I really can't think of anything for Cinderella :)

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What do you think to the name Ada Dere Ginevra Crawley for Cinderella?

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Cinderellas name

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Anyone? What do you think of the names above for Cinderella?

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Anyone :(

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Anyone on?

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Yay :) I'm still stuck with Cinderella's face claim or as I have named her Eponine. Hmm who do you think would work?

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Hmm who else could work for her? Not just out of the pictures I have chosen... Thank you :) It's french. I got it from Les Mis :)

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Yeah :) All of her profile is complete apart from Her appearance if you want to take a look

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Someone else has used her :(

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Hmm... Could do.... i really don't know who to use but I know I imagine her as dark haired or bleach blonde... Mainly dark haired...

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Hmm... i don't know...

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Hmm so Emma Roberts, Unknown Asian girl, unknown girl and Lucy Hale. Which to chose

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Is anyone willing to make Harriet? She is Eponine ( Cinderella's) stepmother.

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Hey guys

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Hey I'm leaving the group so any characters I claimed I give to you guys.

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Oh okay :(

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