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Did you have any ideas?

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments Body's switch
Dream world

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I have an idea! We could combine two!

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The body switch and the dreamworld. But let me ask you this, did you want to do the MxM or the FxF?

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments FxF
How would the switch work for dreams?

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Well I was thinking that one of the girls lives on Earth and the the other lives in a parallel world. They meet each other in their dreams and then the accidently switch bodies one day. The only way to get back to normal would be something they need to figure out along the way.

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments Romance in the dreams?
Is it like parallel versions of the same girl?

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It doesn't have to be. And the way they get back to normal could be when the worlds combine making the dreamworld real. It does seem a bit far fetched, huh?

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments I think I get it. How would our parallel worlds work?

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Have you seen that trailer for the movie Upsidedown?

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Hmm....well basically the worlds are right next to each other, but they are close enough to be in the same atmosphere. It's kind of confusing to explain.

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments I watched it and can we not do that as parallel worlds? When I think parallel worlds I think a different reality.

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Ok. We can still do the body switch? Or something else?

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments Sure.
Let's make 2 different worlds :P

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Oh ok. I get it!

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments I'm can't think right now any ideas for the worlds?
Maybe one Gay is the norm

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One of them can be in a fantasy type of world where there's magic and stuff like that.

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments So normal world but gay is norm
One that's magic and stuff?

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Yeah. The normal world could be like today's world. The other world could be almost like a fiction type of thing.

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments That's cool :) they start sharing dreams and the two worlds start merging?

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Yeah! If you want :)

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments Yesssssss :D how about in the dream, they switch and then they wake up in each other's bodies

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OOOO Perfect!

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Is it charrie time?

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments Can I end up in the magic world?

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gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments So charrie time?

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gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments Yay! You first?

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Yep! Just give me a sec!

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments I will use the name Jenny through out w/I change no matter what lol
This is the human

[ Name ]
Jennifer James
[ Nick Name ]
[ Age ]
[ Gender Identification ]
[ Sex ]
[ Appearance ]
Jenny has been known her body at school, she's learned to ignore it. In her dreams she's typically a different body all together that isn't as 'busty' or whatever. She typically dresses in punk clothes, so it was her way to keep guys away, but she liked punk culture.
Dream form: Changes will post
[ Basic Personality ]
Jenny is a lesbian. Hands down. She's a very sweet girl and doesn't talk dirty to people. She tries to be nice to everyone, until they abuse her than she will shred some one to bits.
[ Other ]
She's smart and have studied dreams.

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Name: Ellen Taylor

Age: 17

Appearance: description

Personality: Ellen is really nice, but she is incredibly shy around others. She is a bit of a pushover sometimes and can be a bit naive.

History: Ellen never admitted it aloud, but she has always had a thing for other girls.

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Sorry I lost the thread! Shall I start?

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(So yours is in the real world right?)

Ellen walked home that day feeling more tired than ever when she looked up at the sky. Sure enough, the stars were brighter that day and it was going to be a promising night, but she was just tired. After the long day she had, she was surprised to see the streets so lively at this time of night. All she wanted was to go home and get the hours she had missed sleeping.

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments //ya. I start on the real world.

Jennifer had another long day at school. Typical. It wasn't something new to her, why did she ever hope she was going to have a good day at school? All of them were long and meaningless. She got into her PJs and went to bed the moment homework was done.

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Ellen ducked as another dragon flied up ahead of her. As much as she wanted to play with the unicorns, she had spent so much energy casting spells. She lied down on her bed and immediately drifted off to another night of deep sleep.

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments //okay so you wake up in the pic you post and I wake up I'm the body of charrie I posted okay?

Jennifer woke up in a dream, a magical dream world of magic and everything else. It was a lush forest. Jennifer knew this was a dream, but why was it a dream? She stood and starred walking through the lush forset

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(Yep. That was the plan! :D)

Ellen woke up in her dream and glanced around. She did not know where she was and as she walked she saw things with wheels drive past her. She gasped seeing how everyone dressed and didn't understand. Where was she?

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments //should your charrie see a forest and head that way and mine see the city and head that way? And they meet in the middle?

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(Yeah. That sounds good)

gяαffιтι *яαωя яαωя* qυєєи (myhandinyours) | 948 comments Jessica walked around the forest, seeing a city on the outskirts of the forest. She decided it would be safe to walk there. She started to venture to the city. Not paying too much to the dream body she had.

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