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Hi there:)

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Umm, *thinking*

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How about a romantic fantasy?

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Okay, any ideas for the plot?

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Like a prince or a princess and a peasant or servant forbidden love?

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That would be cool. Yes you can be the girl:)

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Name: Philip
Personality: kind, caring, gentle, thoughtful
History: he was raised in a wealthy family. His father taught him to behave like a gentleman should and that's what he does. His mother died when he was 7 years old and his father got remarried 3 years later to a French queen. Philip never really thinks of her as his mother but in many ways she is a mother to him if he lets her in.

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Yes please

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Philip ran down the steps to where a guard had a knife to a girls neck. He pushed the guard away. "What is wrong with you?" He yelled and pulled the girl to the side. "Are you okay?" He asked her and examined her neck for any trace of blood, "I'm so sorry about the guard." He apologized even though it wasn't his place too.

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"There's no need to call me majesty," Philip told the girl. He turned to the guard, "what was it she was trying to steal?" He asked and turned back to the girl, he tried to look her in the eyes but she wouldn't look up at him. She just kept staring at her feet, Philip smiled at her not sure that she would see it.

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Philip nodded to the guard. "Take a break kind sir and let me handle this," he turned to the girl. "If your mother is sick then why didn't you bring her here so we could take care of her?" He asked politely and gently grabbed the girls arm so she wouldn't run away, he made sure not to grip her too tight. His hand wrapped all the way around her arm, she was skin and bones! He immediately felt sorry for the peasant girl.

((Gotta go to sleep))

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"Then you could've come here and brought us to her," Philip told her gently loosening his grip on her arm slightly. He took out his handkerchief and dabbed her tears away carefully so she wouldn't pull away. "We would've taken care of her," he said and smiled gently hoping she would smile back.

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"I could go home with you," Philip suggested and shrugged his shoulders. "And bring her back here," he shrugged again. "But she's your mother, it's up to you to decide what you would like me to do." Philip smiled and put his handkerchief away.

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Philip let the girl pull him along. He felt so sorry for the woman on the floor when he saw her. "Hello ma'am," Philip kneeled down next to the sick woman. "I hear from your daughter that you're sick." He smiled softly and pushed some of the hair out of the woman's face, he took of one of his gloves and touched her forehead, it was burning hot. "Would you like me to take you back to my palace and make you well?" He asked her before he tried to pick her up.

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Philip took off his coat and handed it to the girl. "Put that on," he told her and continued carrying the girls mother toward his palace. "I don't want you to freeze," he smiled. The woman was pressing herself close to his body heat. He walked slowly so he wouldn't rock her to badly so the trip could be as easy as possible for her.

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"Just because I'm a prince doesn't mean I have to be cruel and snobby," Philip said and carried the girls mother into the castle. He called to one of the butlers, "Go and fetch the doctor quickly!" The butler nodded and ran toward the stables, Philip set the woman on one of the couches and ordered a maid to bring him a blanket, he draped the blanket over the woman and a cook brought her a bowl of soup and warm hot chocolate. He laid another blanket over the woman and sat down in a chair across from her, he gestured to a chair for the girl to sit in.

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Philip shrugged. "Some times I get bored of being rich and having everything at my fingertips, anyway. You are both welcome here as long as you need to stay, make yourself at home and stay as long as it takes for you to get well." Philip reached over and patted the woman's hand.

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"The doctor will be here soon, I promise." He smiled at the girls last question, "I just haven't met the right girl yet." He told her simply and ordered more soup for the woman, it was brought immediately. "Are you alright ma'am?" Philip kneeled down next to the couch and placed his hand on the woman's forehead, he smiled at her. "The doctor is coming." He told her.

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Philip smiled and took out his handkerchief and wiped the blood off of the woman's lip. He let her comment about her daughter sink in and he turned to look at her but looked back to the girls mother quickly. "Your majesty, I have brought the doctor as you asked." The butler bowed and left the room, the doctor pushed past Philip and went immediately to work. Philip turned to the girl, "Shall we?" He asked and offered her his arm with a smile.

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"To the pond," Philip told her and led her outside of the grand palace and down a stone path to a pond where he used to play as a child. He still came here at times to clear his head, he loved to swim in the pond with the fish when he was alone. E bent over and picked a water lily and handed it to the girl.

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Philip stiffened a little bit at the touch of her cold hand. He lifted her hand to his face and held it against his face, he removed his gloves and handed them to her letting her hand go. "Put those on," he whispered. "You're fingers will become frostbitten if you're not careful."

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"I'll be fine," Philip said and shoved his hands into his pockets even though they weren't even that cold. He smiled at her and sat down on the edge of the pond, he didn't bother to put his feet in the water today. It was far too cold, so he just watched the water ripple as the wind blew over it.

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Philip shrugged. "Honestly, I have no idea." He smiled a little and watched a small fish jump out of the water. "I guess it has to be colder to freeze it."

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Philip turned and started to wipe her tears away. "Your mother will be fine," he told her. "The doctor is the best in the country, if anyone can cure her he can." He promised and pulled her closer cradling her to his chest without thinking.

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"But she is strong," Philip whispered. "I believe she will make it through this," he smiled and rested his hand on her back without thinking. "She'll be alright, believe me she will."

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"Of course," Philip picked her up and carried her inside easily. He set her on her feet next to the couch where her mother now slept. He gently took the hot chocolate out of the woman's hands and set it on the table next to the chair where he had sat.

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Philip shook hands with the doctor. "She'll be fine, she just needs food and warmth." Philip nodded an thanked the doctor kindly. He watched the girl as she kneeled beside her mother.

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Philip smiled and shook his head. "Don't thank me," he said and kneeled down in front of the girl. "But I suppose you can if you want too."

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"You are quite welcome," Philip smiled and looked over at the girls sleeping mother. "Shall we go back to the pond or was that too cold for you?"

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"Then we won't go back outside," Philip told her and turned to look outside. The misty afternoon gave a ghostly look to the land around his palace but he wasn't afraid. He turned back to her and smiled.

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Philip pointed at the doors across the room. "Everyone of those doors leads to a bedroom, you can choose whichever one you want for you and your mother." He said smiling.

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"Of course," Philip picked up the woman carefully so not to wake her and turned to face the girl. "Choose your room before she wakes up," he whispered.

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Philip chuckled lightly and brought the girls mother into the room and set her down on the bed. He turned and reached out to touch the girls face. He kissed her forehead, "sleep well." He whispered and pulled away though he didn't leave the room.

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Philip left the room and shut the door behind him and went up to his own room and climbed into his own bed and fell asleep.

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Philip ran out of his bedroom. "She is a guest!" He told the maid, " go get her breakfast." He ordered her and turned to the girl.

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Philip ran into the room. "You don't have to go," he told her and wiped away her tears with his hands. "You can stay as long as you want."

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Philip blocked the door. "You will not leave if I have a say in the matter." He said and hugged the girl against his chest while holding up her mother for her.

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"Who said you're not wanted?" He asked her and took her in his arms once again but this time he held her tight so she couldn't get free. "I say that you are wanted," he said and reached down to gently kiss her on the lips.

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"To convince you that you are wanted." Philip told her and pushed to hair out of her face to look at her, he smiled softly and hugged her close to him. He picked her up easily and cradled her against his chest.

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"You always like me, eh?" Philip smiled and set the girl on the bed. "And I don't even know your name!" He exclaimed after putting on the bed, he threw his hands in the air in sarcastic drama. "What have I become!" He muttered and winked at the girl to show his sarcasm.

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"Mink," Philip repeated her name and sat down on the bed next to her. He ran his fingers through his hair and snapped his fingers in thought. "No one has to know," he told her. "It could be our secret."

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"If they try to get me to marry I'll say no to every girl they bring in," Philip promised and kissed Minks hair. He wrapped his arms around her, "love always finds a way." He told her.

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Philip held his hand against her cheek. "I like you just the way you are," he said and looked deep into her eyes. He leaned forward a bit to kiss her but stopped about and inch away from her face, he put a finger under her chin and kissed her.

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"Even if you were covered in mud from head to toe with feathers stuck to you," he smiled. "There is a bathtub outside behind a weeping willow where no one will see you," he told her. "If you move quickly you will not be seen."

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Philip nodded and smiled. "I'll fetch you something," he ran into his bedroom and ran back with one of his mothers gowns. He held it up for Mink to see, "what do you think?" He asked her.

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"The dress was my mothers," Philip said and turned his back. "She died when I was young," he sighed and crossed his arms across his chest. "I miss her a lot."

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Philip turned around and smiled at what he saw. "It looks amazing on you," he said and stepped forward to stroke Minks cheek. "You're mother reminds me of my mother, you know that?"

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"Yes she does," Philip smiled. He offered her his arm. "Follow me," he said and led her outside to a field and to the left of that field he led her to a weeping willow that hung low to the ground around a natural hot springs. "Here you are."

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Philip cleared his throat and turned his back. "I'll be waiting in the field," he said and started to walk back to the wheat field. He laid down and put his hands behind his head while he stared at the sky.

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