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Morgan | 189 comments Here we are ^-^

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Thanks! you're a life saver! Did you have any ideas?

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Morgan | 189 comments Hmm none at the moment =/ you??

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Well it depends, do you like realistic ones or fantasy ones?

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Morgan | 189 comments Hmm either really ^-^

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Ok well I have one idea if you're up for a mystery!

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Morgan | 189 comments Hmm i've never really done a mystery Rp. Could be interesting though ^-^ what's the plot?

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I promise to post tomorrow! I'm sorry, I'm about to fall asleep! Remind me though! :)

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Ok, So I was thinking that we could do something like this.

There's a guy who has been charged as a criminal but he is innocent, he is running away from the cops. He love, a detective has been keeping him safe and trying to find evidence to catch the real killer.

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Morgan | 189 comments Oooo okay. So could the detective sort of be like an old friend, and he lived out of state from the guy that was charged. So when they were hunting the guy they thought of no reason to question him.

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Yeah it can be.

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Morgan | 189 comments Okay which one u wanna be??

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I don't care, you can pick :)

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Morgan | 189 comments The detective i guess =P

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Ok sounds good.

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Morgan | 189 comments So charries? Mine prob won't be that detailed though

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It's ok, I'm not that detailed either.

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Morgan | 189 comments Kay so should they be in their like early twenties??

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Yeah. It would make sense that way. Are you good with that?

message 20: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 189 comments Yup. I'll have him up in second

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Morgan | 189 comments [Name] Trent Porter

[Age] 23

[Sexuality] Straight, but finds himself attracted to his friend.


[Personality] TBRP'd

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Name: Jake Underwood

Age: 24

Appearance: description

Personality: Jake is openly gay and he is a really happy person for the most part. He never has been angry even while joking around.

History: He hasn't been able to understand why, but he got arrested for murder even though he's done nothing wrong. As agreeable as he tries to be with the cops, it still doesn't seem to get anywhere.

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Morgan | 189 comments Okay ^-^ so where should we start??

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Morgan | 189 comments ?

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I can if you want :)

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Morgan | 189 comments K sure

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Let me ask you though, how detailed are you?

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Morgan | 189 comments Idk it doesn't really matter at least like 3-4 sentences to a few paras :)

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(Sounds great!)

Jake was running again in the middle of the night, hearing the cop sirens in the car behind him. He had been driving down the highway to head out of town for a nice weekend when the cops had pulled him over. He thought he had been speeding so he pulled over and was polite to them until they decided to start shooting at him for some reason. Without thinking, he had driven off as fast as he could and was now on the run and didn't know why or what was happening. All he knew was that he needed to escape some how.

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Morgan | 189 comments After a long day at work Trent was finally settling in at home. He grabbed one of his usual microwaved meals from the fridge, a small sigh escaping his lips as he popped open a bottle of beer, and easily chugged half of it. Once his food was done he went into the living room to sit in front of the tv and watch some football. True he had a dining room and a kitchen. But sometimes he was like most men and preferred to be comfortable- besides he didn't have a wife or kid to tell him to do otherwise anyways. He threw his feet up on the coffee table in front of him as he began to eat his food.

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(Sorry for not responding in so long!)

Jake hide under a bridge for what seemed like an enternity. He thought that waiting out the sirens would do some good and once a good few hours had passed, he slowly made his way out from inter the bridge. He listened carefully making sure the cops hadn't set a trap for him. He made his way to the bus stop trying to blend into everyone else.

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(Hi! Just checking to see if you would still like to do this!)

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