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After parking her car, walking through the courtyard, and talking to a few of her students, Amy headed towards the dorms, trying to find Liam's. She bounced around, ducking each time she thought she saw or heard someone and had to chat with a drunk student about how they should be working on their English assignment instead of getting wasted. She accidentally went to a room beside Liam's and tried to unlock it. Luckily, no one saw her and no one was inside. She walked over to the next dorm, Liam's, and took a deep breath before shoving the key in and pulling the door open. She jumped into the room quickly and shut the door.

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Amy's heart pounded against her chest. She thought she would have been caught. She smiled at him and poked the tips of her fingers into his pockets. She jumped a little at the spank and shook her head with a devilish grin. "It's more fun to be bad." She pulled on his pockets to bring him closer and started to kiss him again. A million thoughts ran through her head, and several emotions circled in her stomach. This was wrong, but she actually liked him. She loved her job, yes, but she wanted love from someone else.

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Amy gasps and puts her hands on his cheeks to pull him closer. This was very, very wrong. She wanted to pull away, tell him that this was a mistake and she was sorry, but she couldn't. For some reason, she just couldn't. It could be the fact that she hadn't done something like this in months, the fact that he smelt really good, or that he was really good at it. She didn't exactly know. All she did know, was that she wanted to stay here with him and continue this forbidden fling.

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"I don't want you to," Amy sighed and let him touch wherever he wanted. A light moan presented itself. She kissed the tip of his ear and slipped her hand up under the bottom of his shirt. His skin was warm and soft, but his stomach was hard and filled with a delectable set of abs. She ran her hand over it and counted it as a six pack. He just gets better and better. She leaned her head back against the wall and quickly scanned his room. It was pretty cute and tidy.

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((Eeep lol. Lola, would you like to skip or continue this in messaging?))

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((Okie dokie! I'll send you a message.))

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Amy looked at Liam and nodded at everything he had said. She kissed him when he kissed her and giggled at the dip. She watched and waited as he checked to see if the coast was clear. "I will see you later," she whispered and rushed out the door and headed down to her classroom with a goofy grin on her face.

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