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Ammeriahya (ilovereading0502) | 1 comments Chapter 1/ Lacy `
I felt it even before I woke up. Today was the day. I was finally going to do it. I was going to ask him out. I sighed, him, Asher Black. I smiled just thinking about him. I hopped out of bed and tiptoed to my sister’s room across the hall.
“Ptsst. Anne” I whispered quietly. I heard a small groan then I saw her get out of bed and zombie-walk toward me.
“Come on, breakfast in 5” Then I tiptoed back to my room. Our bus came at 7:00 and our mom worked the late shift and my stepdad, John Kirk, was an alcoholic drunk, so I took care of Anne in the mornings.
I picked out my favorite outfit, my teal and white sheer shirt, my fave pair of dark skinny jeans and my grey cotton UGGs (It was extremely cold for mid November). I was debating whether or not to do something cute with my tornado-like hair when heard Anne’s door open and her walk to the kitchen. I remembered the last time she made breakfast by herself; I was sweeping up lucky charms for days. So I just left my hair down and walked to the kitchen.
I sat in front of my 6 year old sister as we ate our lucky charms in silence. Our identical looking hair, eyes and, well, everything else, almost looked like looking in to the past. After breakfast Anne and I grabbed our bags and started walking to the bus stop at the end of our cul-de-sac.
“Hey, sissy?” My sister asked so innocently.
“Yes, mini me” I replied as I put my hand behind her shoulder and pulled her close. I looked over at her and saw silent tears streaming down her face.
“Sweetie, what’s the matter?” I kneeled down in front of her.
Sniffle, sniffle “Yesterday... I saw John hit mommy.” Anne managed to choke the words out between sobs.
“What...what, did you do? Did he hit you?” I was crying now.
“No, He didn’t see me, I ran into my room.” The bus was waiting for us.
“Come on, the bus is here, wipe your eyes and don’t tell anyone. OK?”
We got on the bus and Anne took her seat up front and I sat next to my best friend, Lauren. I decided to keep what Anne told me to myself. I knew I’d have to tell Lauren eventually, just not now. I realized my plans to ask Asher out would have to wait.
“Morning, Lauren.” She was looking very intrigued in a new book.
“Morning” Lauren said blankly. Not bothering to look at me. Lauren went back to her book and I sat in the seat looking out the windows. That’s when I felt it, it felt like someone was lighting me on fire from the inside out. The heat was unbearable it made me want to scream. Paralyzed by the heat I saw the vision flash before my eyes:
I was walking through a huge mansion, stumbling through hallways and corridors when I came upon a set of French doors and walked into a huge library. The room had a high, dome shaped, ceiling and looked like it went on forever. The wall to the west was entirely made of glass. The room sat on a large cliff that overlooked the vast ocean below. Vintage furniture and paintings covered the walls. I sat down in a black leather recliner then I saw them coming. They were coming from the west, the wall made of glass. They looked like humans but they had wings, black arch shaped wings that looked like a ravens wings. Only one word came to mind: Beautiful.

This is only some of the first chapter. do you like it?

message 2: by Joshua (new)

Joshua | 6 comments you know what i loved it, every little it of it. i was so absorbed in the writing i swear i couldn't take my eyes away from it until i finished reading. if you want my opinion, you should write some more and more and more. just amazing absolutely amazing stuff.

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