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Sammi Abate | 4 comments In my opinion the book Crank, by Ellen Hopkins is outstanding. It really opens your eyes to the way some peoples lives are and how one little thing can change your whole life. Although this book has some provocative things i really enjoyed. I especially liked how throughout the book Kristina slowly turned into Bree while taken under by the monster. This book is very powerful, and emotional. Through a series of unfortunate events Kristina ends up in a bad place and can no longer turn back to who she was. While reading this book you feel like you become a part of her as you watch her transform from Kristina to Bree. The best part about this book is how you so badly want to help her and tell her to do the right thing, but the wrong things are in her destiny. This book was great in my opinion i liked the emotions, tough decisions, and the path Kristina got stuck on. This book is a perfect life lesson book for teenage girls but would still be very intriguing to all ages due to the events. This book is a great and is defiantly worth reading and i totally recommend it.

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Bridgette Gallagher | 27 comments Mod
I really enjoyed this when I read it. In fact, I went through a whole novel in verse phase and couldn't stop reading them.

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